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Australian Press Sheet

Austrian Neues Movie Program (pdf) 3.97 mB (Issue 7691/Sep/Wien/1981) (4 Pages)

Canadian Magazine Ads (Winnipeg Free Press/Aug 13, 15, 21/1981)

Danish Press Sheet 1 (pdf) 1.17 mB

Danish Press Sheet 2 (pdf) 1.08 mB

Danish Magazine Ads

French Press Kit (pdf) 4.41 mB (24 Pages/Press Sheet)

French Magazine Ad

German Press Kit (pdf) 3.64 mB (23 Pages)

German Advertising Manual (pdf) 2.55 mB (8 Pages)

German Movie Flyer

German Cinema Movie Program (pdf) 4.38 mB (Issue 30/Hamburg/1981) (22 Pages)

German Phantopia Movie Program (pdf) 3.87 mB (Issue 257/Nürnberg/1981) (4 Pages)

German Vampir Movie Program (pdf) 2.72 mB (Issue 8/Nürnberg/1981) (4 Pages)

German Constantin Movie Catalog (pdf) 1.05 mB (8 Pages)

German Pegasus Movie Program (Issue 30/Dec/2004) (94 Pages) (Limited Edition: 200 Copies)

Icelandic Movie Program (pdf) 1.09 mB (4 Pages)

Italian Magazine Ad (Adria Manzoni/Nov 22/1981)

Italian VHS Ad

Italian TV Guide Ad

Japanese Movie Program (pdf) 10.5 mB (22 Pages)

Japanese Movie Flyer Folder (pdf) 1.07 mB

Japanese Movie Flyer

Japanese Magazine Ads

UK Press Kit (pdf) 2.33 mB (5 Pages/B&W Photos) (Photos not included)

UK Advertising Manual (pdf) 1.77 mB

UK Magazine Ads

US Avco Embassy Pictures Promo Ad

US Avco Embassy Promo Folder

US Pre-Production Ad (Variety/May 07/1980)

US Advance Press Kit (B&W Photos/1 Photo of John Carpenter/1 Photo of the artwork for the French poster/4 Color Slides/Folder with alternate art on the inside)

US Advance Press Kit (pdf) 6.79 mB (29 Pages/B&W Photos) (Owned by Donald Pleasence)

US Press Kit (pdf) 16.5 mB (67 Pages/B&W Photos)

US Advertising Manual (pdf) 7.69 mB (11 Pages)

US Newspaper Ads (pdf) 1.31 mB (3 Pages)

US Alternative Artwork Campaign (pdf) 804 kB (1 Page)

US Preview Invitation Brochure

US Promo Brochure

US Ad Sheet 647 kB (pdf) (1 Page)

US Trade Magazine Ad

US Movie Premiere Program (pdf) 0.97 mB (3 Pages)

US Box Office Ads (Variety/Jul 08, 15, 22/Sep 16/1981)

Movie Tie-In Board Game Ad (Fantastic Films/Issue 26/Nov/1981)

US Oscar/Academy Consideration Ad (Daily Variety/Jan 21/1982)

US Oscar/Academy Consideration Ad (Variety/Jan 22/1982)

US Embassy Home Entertainment Ad (Video Review/1982)

US World Premiere Movie Presentation TV Guide Ad (WGN-TV 9 TV Guide/Chicago Metropolitan Edition/Nov/1983)

US Embassy Telecommunications Catalogue (Embassy
II/1984) (Pages: 14-15)

US TV Guide Ad (WXXA-TV 23 TV Guide/Jan/1986)

US TV Guide Ad (
36 WUPW TV Guide/Toledo-Lima Edition/May 17-23/1986)

US TV Guide Ad (Cinemax)

US Special Edition DVD Ad (Snake Plissken Chronicles 4/
March 03/2004)

Yugoslavian Movie Program

Escape From L.A.

Australian Movie Flyer (pdf) 957 kB

Austrian Neues Movie Program (Issue 10.134/Oct/Wien/1981) (4 Pages)

Canadian Magazine Ads (Vancouver)

French Press Kit (pdf) 10.7 mB (40 Pages)

German Press Kit (pdf) 4.81 mB (24 Pages/B&W Photos) (Photos not included)

German Advertising Manual (pdf) 3.85 mB (5 Pages)

Japanese Movie Program (pdf) 11.9 mB (22 Pages)

Japanese Movie Flyers

Japanese Magazine Ad (Kinema Junpo/Issue 1206/Nov/1996)

UK Press Kit (pdf) 6.98 mB (13 Pages/B&W Photos/Cinema Synopsis & Credits Sheet)

US Press Kit (pdf) 5.3 mB (13 Pages/B&W Photos/Color Folder)

US Newspaper Ads 

US Ad Sheet

US Magazine Ad (Entertainment Weekly/May 24/1996)

US CD Ad (Cinescape/Vol 2/Issue 11/Aug/1996)

US VHS Ad (Premiere/1997)