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Dark Paradise... Tails Of The Snake

Rite Of Passage By Nan Mack (Pages: 3-12)
Re: Plissken By Sylvia Stevens (Pages: 13-18)
Gassed Light By Kim August (Pages: 19-25)
Flashpoint By Sylvia Stevens & Karen Winter (Pages: 26-29)
You Know What They Did To Bob? By Kim August (Pages: 30-36)
The Price Of Survival By Nan Mack (Pages: 37-58)
Doppleganger By Nan Mack (Pages: 59-104)
New Year's Martini By Sylvia Stevens (Pages: 105-110)
Thought You Were Dead By Mart Allard (Pages: 111-112)
Threshold By Karen Winter & Sylvia Stevens (Pages: 113-122)

Description: A het Escape From New York anthology

Publisher: Last Minit Press
Editor: Nan Mack
Cover Artist: Hindman
Release Date: 1998
Pages: 122