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Fangoria (Issue 8/Oct/1980/US) (Article: A Talk With John Carpenter) (Pages: 22-26) (Mentioned)

Prevue (43/Vol 2/Issue 3/Nov-Dec/1980/US) (Article: Film Fear: Three Directors Darkly: John Carpenter) (Pages: 38-40)

Starlog (Issue 41/Dec/1980/US) (Article: High Adventures In The Future By Steve Swires) (Pages: 28-30)

Cinefantastique (Vol 10/Issue 4/Apr/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By George Turner) (Page: 12)

Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone (Vol 1/Issue 1/Apr/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 53-56)

Starlog (Issue 45/Apr/1981/US) (Article: On The Set With 'Escape From New York' By Samuel J. Maronie) (Pages: 28-30)

Prevue (45/Vol 2/Issue 5/May/1981/US) (Articles: Escape From New York/The Making Of Escape By Ken Bruzenak) (Pages: 33-38)

Starlog (Issue 46/May/1981/US) (Article: From 'Forbidden Planet' To 'Escape From New York' By Samuel J. Maronie) (Pages: 48-51)

Cine-Revue (Vol 61/Issue 25/Jun 18/1981/BG) (Article: Escape From New York (S'evader De New York) By F. Dhont & Joan Mac Trevor) (Pages: 18-21)

Kinema Junpo (Issue 812/Jun/1981/JP) (Article: ニューヨーク 1997) (Pages: 19-21, 100-105)

Millimeter (Jun/1981/US)
(Article: Escape From New York By Three Tylor) (Page: 227)

Screen (Issue 6/Jun/1981/JP) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 103-104)

Screen English (Issue 6/Jun/1981/JP) (
Article: Escape From New York) (Page: 6)

Starlog (Issue 32/Jun/1981/JP) (Article: Escape From New York By Masasaku Hirose) (Pages: 51-53)

Film Comment (Vol 17/Issue 4/Jul-Aug/1981/US) (Review) (Pages: 2, 6)

International Photographer (Vol 53/Issue 7/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 14-16)

Lumiere Du Cinema (Issue 7/Jul-Aug/1981/FR) (Review) (Pages: 20-23)

Movie Guide (Issue 1/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York)

Newsweek (Jul 27/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 74)

SoHo News (Vol 8/Issue 41/Jul 08-14/1981/US) (Review) (Pages: 43-44)

SoHo News (Vol 8/Issue 42/Jul 15-21/1981/US) (Article: A Snake's Progress By Seth Cagin) (Pages: 8-9)

Starlog (Issue 48/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Starlog Interview: John Carpenter By Steve Swires) (Pages: 73-76)

Time (Jul 13/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 61)

Marquee (Vol 1/Issue 1/Aug/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Larry Lankford) (Pages: 8-9)

Movie News (Vol 17/Issue 4/Aug-Sep/1981/AU) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 11-13)

Rolling Stone (Aug 20/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 33)

Rona Barrett's Hollywood (Vol 12/Issue 11/Aug/1981/US) (Article:
Interview: Kurt Russell By Arthur Stern) (Pages: 59-62)

Starburst (36/Vol 3/Issue 12/Aug/1981/UK) (Article: A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 1 By Tony Crawley) (Pages: 32-37)

Starburst Poster Magazine (Vol 1/Issue 2/1981/UK) (By Phil Edwards)

Starlog (Issue 49/Aug/1981/US) (Article: The Stars Of 'Escape From New York' Kurt Russell & Adrienne Barbeau By Steve Swires) (Pages: 17-19, 61) (Also in Starlog Yearbook/Vol 14/Aug/1996/US)

US (Issue 4/Aug 04/1981/US) (Article: One-Eyed Snake By Dan Yakir) (Pages: 22-23)

Ares (Issue 10/Sep/1981/US) (Review) (Pages: 12-13)

Chillers (Vol 2/Issue 9/Sep/1981/US) (Article: John Carpenter's Escape From New York) (Pages: 30-33)

Cinefantastique (Vol 11/Issue 3/Sep/1981/US) (Article: Corman's Cut-Rate FX By Bob Villard) (Page: 10) (Review) (Page: 47)

Cinema (Issue 40/Sep/1981/DE) (Article: Die Klapperschlange) (Pages: 102-105)

Circus (
Issue 259/Sep 30/1981/US) (Article: Kurt Russell Rides A New Wave In 'Escape' Film By Richard Hogan) (Page: 52)

Continental Film And Video Review (347/Vol 26/Issue 11/Sep/1981/UK) (Article: Escape From New York) (Page: 8)

Filmmakers (Vol 14/Issue 11/Sep/1981/US) (Article: Panatar Lenses And Computerized Fire Effects In Escape From New York By Donald Chase) (Pages: 26-30)

Films On Screen And Video (Vol 1/Issue 10/Sep/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 32)

Monthly Film Bulletin (Vol 48/Issue 572/Sep/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 174-175)

New Musical Express (Sep 26/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 25)

Pariscope (Sep 16/Issue 682/1981/FR) (Cover)

Playboy (Sep/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 34)

Starburst (37/Vol 4/Issue 1/Sep/1981/UK) (Article: A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 2 By Tony Crawley) (Pages: 46-50)

The Face (Issue 17/Sep/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 56)

Bravo (Issue 43/Oct 15/1981/DE) (Article: Kurt Russell: Vom King Zur Klapperschlange) (Pages: 18-19)

Films & Filming (Issue 325/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 37-38)

Film Review (Vol 31/Issue 10/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 22-23)

Films Illustrated (Vol 11/Issue 121/Oct/1981/UK) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 20-21)

Photoplay (379/Vol 32/Issue 10/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 57)

Questar (Issue 13/Oct/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 17)

Starburst (38/Vol 4/Issue 19/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 16-19)

The Campaigner (Vol 14/Issue 7/Oct/1981/US) (Review) (Pages: 47-48)

Fantastic Films (Issue 26/Nov/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Blake Mitchell & Jim Ferguson) (Pages: 56-59, 62)

Future Life (Issue 30/Nov/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Ed Naha) (Pages: 45-49)

The Movie (Issue 99/Nov/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 1976-1977)

Boy Music (Issue 49-50/Dec 14/1981/IT) (Article: Intervista A John Carpenter, Il Nuovo 'Re Del Brivido By G.G.) (Pages: 52-53)

Cineforum (Issue 209/1981/IT) (Article: 1997: Fuga Da New York By Gualtiero De Marinis) (Pages: 63-68)

Cinema Odyssey (Vol 1/Issue 1/1981/US) (Article: John Carpenter And His Escape From New York By C.J. Henderson) (Pages: 48-50)

Fantastique (Issue 17/1981/FR) (Articles: Escape From New York/Nick Castle/Debra Hill/Kurt Russell/Donald Pleasence/Harry Dean Stanton/Ernest Borgnine/Sur Le Tournage De Escape From New York By Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier) (Pages: 16-25, 58)

Miriad (Issue 5/Autumn/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Kevin Davies) (Pages: 33-36)

HBO TV Guide (Apr/1982/US)

HBO/Cinemax TV Guide (Apr/1982/US)

Video Sehen Was Spass Macht! (Issue 8/Aug/1982/DE) (Review) (Pages: 36-37)

Scandinavian Film & Video (Issue 11/1983/SE) (Article: Kurt Russel: Nytt Namn På Video! By Gunnar Rehlin) (Pages: 22-23)

Ciné Choc (Issue 1/1984/FR) (Article: New-York 1997) (Page: 20)

Filmvilág (Issue 7/Jul/1988/HU) (Article: Az
Erőszak Mínt Stilus By Györg Péter) (Pages: 2-7) (Mentioned)

Slaughterhouse (Vol 1/Issue 1/1988/US) (Article: Candid Carpenter On They Live, The Thing, And The Long Awaited Escape From New York Sequel! By Joseph Simone) (Pages: 27-30)

The John Carpenter File! (Issue 5/1988/UK) (Articles: Escape From New York By Nazir A. Ali/Soundtracking On E.F.N.Y. By Jason Sidwell) (Pages: 12-13, 15-19) (Fanzine)

The John Carpenter File! (Issue 10/1990/UK) (Article: Jeff Sillifant On E.F.N.Y. By Nazir A. Ali) (Pages: 16-23) (Fanzine)

Disney Limit (Issue 7/July/1994/DE) (Collector's Card)

Pharr Out! (Issue 1/1994/US) (Articles: Retrospectre: Escape From New York/EFNY Author Mike McQuay On A Guy Named Snake) By Kim August (Pages: 20-23)

Creative Screenwriting (Vol 2/Issue 4/Winter/1995/US) (Article: Escape From New York: Mythic Structure By Samantha Kaye) (Pages: 69-75)

Starlog Yearbook (Vol 14/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Killer Convict By Steve Swires) (Pages: 15-17) (Also in Starlog Issue 49/Aug/1981/US)

Cinefantastique (Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) (Article: Filming The Original By Michael Beeler) (Pages: 24-25)

Mad Movies (Issue 104/Nov-Dec/1996/FR) (Article: New York 1997 By Damien Granger) (Page: 19)

(Issue 40/Nov/1996/FR) (Article: New York 1997 By Dan Briggs) (Pages: 14-15)

Lasermania (Issue 2/Dec-Jan/1997/FR) (Article: John Carpenter Fait De La Resistance! By Bruno Terrier & Stéphane Lacombe (Pages: 14-19)

Exploitation Journal (Vol 3/Issue 1/1999/US) (Article: The Heretofore Overlooked And Underexplored Homoerotic Subtext Of 'Escape From New York' By Joe Wawrzyniak) (Pages: 29-38)

Official PlayStation 2 Magazine (Issue 28/Christmas/2002/UK) (Article: Hideo Kojima At The Movies: Escape From New York By Hideo Kojima) (Page: 119)

Mad Movies Hors Série (Issue 1/2002/FR) (Article: NY 1997 By Stéphane Moïssakis) (Pages: 42-47)

Video Store (2003/US)

Pegasus Film Program (Issue 30/Dec/2004/DE) (By Raiko Komár) (94 Pages) (Limited Edition: 200 Copies) 

The Dark Side (Issue 107/Feb-Mar/2004/UK) (Cover)

SciFiNow (Issue 5/2007/UK) (Article: Modern Classics: Escape From New York By Alasdair Morton) (Pages: 108-111)

Empire (Issue 287/May/2013/UK) (Article: Snake Charmers By Chris Hewitt) (Pages: 130-139)

Fangoria Legends (Issue 2/June/2013/US) (Article: Escape From New York: Snake Harmer By Scooter McCrea)
(Page: 24)

Der Zombie (Issue 8/Aug/2015/DE) (Article: Die Klapperschlange
- Die Retrospektive! By Markus Haage) (Pages: 8-31, 38-39)

Famous Monsters Of Filmland (Issue 287/Sep-Oct/2016/US) (Article: Escape From New York: An Interview With John Carpenter By David Weiner) (Pages: 46-49)

Premiere Classics (Issue 1/Oct-Dec/2017/FR) (Article: L'hostoire Secrete De Snake Plissken By David Fakrikian) (Pages: 50-65)

Film Tv (Issue 23/Jun 10-Jun 16/2018/IT) (Mentioned)

SciFiNow (Issue 151/2018/UK) (Article: Carpenter Restorations: They Live! By Jonathan Hatfull) (Pages: 60-65) (Mentioned)

Video Pizza (Issue 3/Jan/2021/FR) (By
Stéphane Moïssakis)

Eiga Hiho (Issue 10/Oct/2021/JP)

Befores & Afters (Issue 2/2021/AU) (Article: Wireframes, I Love You By Ian Failes) (Page: 36)