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Cabbie's Cap

Description (Heritage Auctions):
An Ernest Borgnine Cap from Escape From New York. Embassy, 1981. Classic yellow canvas Cabbie's cap, black rim and visor, three metal lapel buttons affixed to front, inside notes in part size "7 3/8," purposely distressed with dirt and grime; worn by the star as "Cabbie" in the cult classic directed by John Carpenter that starred Kurt Russell.

MAC-10 (3: Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, Las Vegas)

Description (Profiles in History):
Kurt Russell "Snake Plissken" MAC-10 prop machine gun from Escape From New York. (Embassy, 1981) Vintage original MAC-10 machine gun stunt prop. Constructed of cast polyfoam over internal supporting metal rod armature with a metal plate at the butt. The 21 x 12 in. prop features a rifle scope mounted onto a sound suppressor and integral magazine. Expertly studio painted and finished to appear as a real weapon. Maker's inscription transferred from the casting reads, "M10. CAL 9MM PAR/RPB Industries, INC./Atlanta, GA. U. S. A." and "91572" at end of barrel. Exhibiting age, wear and some surface crazing. In vintage very good condition.

Barbwire Baseball Bat Weapon

Description (ScreenUsed): This baseball bat was acquired by the production for use by various extras during filming. The bat is a Louisville Slugger with metal barbwire attached around the top section. Wear from use and storage is present. Measures 33.5" in length.

Stunt Barbwire Baseball Bat Weapon

(ScreenUsed): This baseball bat weapon was custom-made by the production for use by various extras during filming of stunts. The bat is made of foam rubber over metal core and was molded from a Louisville Slugger. Metal wire is attached around the top to simulate the look of barbwire. Wear from use and storage is present. Measures 33.5" in length.

Brain's Romero Killer Knife

Killer Knife

Description (eBay Seller): Up for auction is a super rare prop from Escape From New York. This is from John Carpenter's original movie with Kurt Russell. This baby is the real deal. Not foam rubber. This was designed by the famous weapon's designer from the movie. This baby is all hand made. You will never find another like this. This is all custom made out of hardened steel. This baby is sharp as hell. It measures 13" long with a 11 inch blade. that is 1/4 of an inch thick. This weights close to 3 pounds. The handle and blade are made to look it was made with gold nuggets. This was used as a background knife for one of the main actors. This is priced so only a truly serious bidder will get it. This baby will make a nice addition to your movie prop collection. This was acquired a movie prop sale here in Hollywood. This does not come with any doc's, cert's or COA's, so please bid at your own discretion.

USPF Eagle Sign

Description: Unused USPF Eagle Sign provided by Production Designer Joe Alves.

Air Force One Miniature Model

Description (Profiles in History): This is the screen-used filming miniature of Air Force One visible in the film's opening hijack sequence. This impressive miniature is constructed of resin, hand-painted and detailed with Great Seal of the U.S., American flag and other decals and is outfitted with internal fiber optics that illuminated the starboard side of the aircraft's passenger windows, wings and vertical stabilizer. The bottom of the fuselage has a threaded hole for the armature attachment and it measures 29 in. long with a 23 in. wingspan. It exhibits some cracking and light wear, the port side horizontal stabilizer is detached. It includes three miniature New York City special effects buildings, measuring 5 in. x 4 in. x 4 in., from Plissken's glider flight as well as small shelf and mounting rod that makes for a great display. A fantastic piece and key plot item from of the film.

Wireframe Miniature Buildings (Larger Set)

Description (1) (Profiles in History): An incredible collection of 13 miniature special effects skyscrapers from Kurt Russell "Snake Plissken's" memorable fly-in sequence above the streets of New York City. Snake pilots his glider between the city's buildings that are rendered in miniature. The buildings are constructed of wood with hand-painted windows or covered in matte black paper with white grid lines for the visual effects sequence displayed on Plissken's glider monitors, some with production notations handwritten on the bases. They range in size from 2 ¼ in. x 1 ¾ in. x ½ in. to as large as 9 in. x 4 ½ in. x 4 ½ in. Exhibit some wear, with scuffing and some paper peeling at corners but remain in remarkable condition. An iconic set of visual effects pieces from this cult classic.

Wireframe Miniature Buildings (Smaller Set)

Description (ScreenUsed): A lot of 5 original, custom-made miniature SPFX buildings, hand-made under the supervision of James Cameron (?) during the filming of the cult classic motion picture Escape From New York. Filmed practically by Cameron (?) when he was a SPFX cameraman on the film. These buildings were utilized to create simulated computer animated graphics seen on Snake Pliskin's (portrayed by Kurt Russell) cockpit viewscreen, as he glides into New York City, which has been turned into a maximum security prison colony. These building miniatures are scarce and quite unique. Used prior to the advent of the sophisticated digital computer technology that James Cameron would help usher into the film industry in later years. The buildings range in size from 1.75" tall to 1.25" tall.

Miniature Buildings

Description (1) (Premiere Props): From John Carpenter's 1981 cult classic Escape From New York. A three-sided miniature building used to recreate New York City's sprawling metropolis. The building is constructed of pressed cardboard with windows glued on, and smaller wood or styrofoam rooms on the roof. One corner has become unglued. 'Thick, hot pressed' is printed on the inside, as is a pencil drawn Z, likely used for easy placement in the miniature city. (Measures approx. 6" x 3 3/4" x 1 1/2")


Clapper Board

Description (ScreenUsed): This clapper board was used during filming and features the film's title and markings from its final shot. Showing signs of use, a great artifact from the production of the film. 

Storyboards (By James Cameron)

Matte Paintings

Avco Embassy Script

Isaac Hayes Bound Gift Script