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John Carpenter's Die Klapperschlange "Escape From New York" Commodore 64 Game 24.2 kB

You'll need a Commodore 64 Emulator to run this game

Game Info
Published: 1985 (Flash-Soft Productions)
Musician: (Unknown)
Rudiger Wenski & Martin Wernecke
Language: English
Genre: Arcade - Multigenre
Primary Control: Joystick Port 2
Players: IP Only

Version Info
Cracker/Cruncher: (None)
Trainers: 0
Extra Features: None
Length: 172 Block(s)

Theme Music
Escape From New York (Mp3) 4,02 mB (02:30)

Escape From New York Commodore 64 Game 14 kB
You'll need a Commodore 64 Emulator to run this game

Game Info
Published: 1999 (Public Domain)
Musician: Lasse Öörni
Programmer: Lasse Öörni (Cadaver)

Language: English
Genre: Shoot'em Up - H-Scrolling
Primary Control: Joystick Port 2
Players: IP Only
Comments: Commodore 64 Crap Game Compo 1999 (C64CGC)

Version Info
Cracker/Cruncher: Laxity (LXT)
Trainers: 6
Extra Features: Loading Screen
Length: 53 Block(s)

Unleash Snake by using joystick in port two. Controls:
    Left = walk left
    Right = walk right
    Up = jump
    Down = duck
    Fire = use weapon

Proceed thru 3 scum-filled levels. The City Streets The Train Yard, where you'll find the President and The Bridge, which is your only means of escape.

At the end of each level you must fight a concentration of enemies, before time runs out. Your success is indicated by the "KILL" meter in the top of the screen.

You begin with 3 lives and you get an extra life at 10000 points intervals.

It's year 1997. You are Snake Plissken, once a warhero, now a criminal. To regain your freedom, you agree to a suicide mission: Rescue the President of United States from the scum-infested ruins of New York.

Snake Plissken: Surfin' U.S.A. - vandriver - 48 Hour Competition Entry 1.26 mB

Game Info

(Public Domain)
Language: English
Genre: Shoot'em Up - H-Scrolling
Ludum Dare 22 — December 16th-19th, 2011

Introduction & Instructions
Decided to go for a bit of parody based on the name with a corny movie reference (and then actual corn).

Spacebar/X shoots. Arrow keys move.

You're Snake Plissken, surfing to escape from various locales! Shoot floating barrels to drop them on enemies below or dodge them and hope they wipe out the foes behind you.

If you want, you can skip to any of the 4 levels by pressing that number while in game. The final stage ramps up in difficulty rather steeply, but I didn't put in a victory screen for winning so you're not missing anything if you don't beat it, except glory.


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