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Jay-Dee (UK)
- Snake Plissken 1:6 Scale Resin Model Kit Figure

Sculptor: Jonathan Dewar
Release Date: 1997
Price: $150.00

Comment (Lars "Sweden" Olsson): "The original sculpt was made by Jonathan Dewar, hence the Jay-Dee alias, and is a wonderful sculpt with a very good likeness of Kurt Russell. However, as with most resin model kits made in the UK/Great Britain/England the quality of the casting is at best really poor not doing justice to the original sculpt. The moulds were probably misaligned during the casting process why the figure kit parts and especially the legs look really distorted and a whole lot of putty is needed to correct them. There's also a whole lot of air bubbles on the surface of the parts that really needs to be filled with putty. A great original sculpt made by Jay-Dee turned into an awful resin figure model kit mainly due to poor casting methods and crappy resin material."

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Figure Box

Needful Things (US) - Snake Which Way To New York
- Snake Plissken 1:4 Scale Resin Model Kit Figure

Sculptor: Robert Ortiz
Release Date: 2000's (Early)
Price: $150.00

Comment (Andreas/Webmaster): "John Carpenter has a copy of this one in his office and the display base is featuring a Hollywood "Walk of Fame" star of the director."

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