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The Bad.Net - A Tribute to Lee Van Cleef

The Man With The Hypnotic Eyes - A Tribute to Donald Pleasence

Isaac Hayes
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Adrienne Barbeau
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Low Moan Spectacular (Ron House & Alan Shearman)
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Alan Howarth (Official Site)

Joe Alves
Movie Art (Official Site)

Dick Warlock (Official Site)

Kim Gottlieb-Walker
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Stacy Keach
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Peter Fonda (Official Site)

Georges Corraface (Official Site)

Bruce Campbell (Official Site)

Cliff Robertson (Official Site)

Peter Jason (Official Site)

Shirley Walker (Official Site)

Fireball Tim (Official Site)

Robert Zuckerman
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In Memoriam

Assault on Webpage 13

Hier geht's zur John Carpenter Fanpage

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The Films of John Carpenter

The John Carpenter Web Page (Archived)

The John Carpenter Web Page Web Page

The John Carpenter Forum

Kurt Russell Scrapbook

The Ultimate Kurt Russell Pages

Tom Atkins Online

Ox Baker
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