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Escape From L.A.
(Official Site) (43.1 MB)

Cast & Crew

John Carpenter (Official Site)

Stacy Keach
(Official Site)

Peter Fonda (Official Site)

Georges Corraface (Official Site)

Bruce Campbell (Official Site)

Cliff Robertson (Official Site)

Shirley Walker (Official Site)

Peter Jason (Official Site)

Robert Zuckerman
(Official Site)

Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. (Official Site)

Fireball Tim (Official Site)

Giacomo Ghiazza (Official Site)

Joey "Deluxe" Enyart (Official Site)

Horoshi Katagiri (HK Studio) (Official Site)

In Memoriam

Escape From L.A. (Official German Site)

From 1997 To 2013...

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