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Cast & Crew

The Official John Carpenter (Official Site)

The Bad.Net - A Tribute to Lee Van Cleef

The Man With The Hypnotic Eyes - A Tribute to Donald Pleasence

Isaac Hayes
(Official Site)

Adrienne Barbeau
(Official Site)

Low Moan Spectacular (Ron House & Alan Shearman)
(Official Site)

Alan Howarth (Official Site)

Joe Alves
Movie Art (Official Site)

Dick Warlock (Official Site)

Kim Gottlieb-Walker
(Official Site)

In Memoriam

Escape From New York Special Edition DVD (Official Site)

Snake Plissken's Escape
(Official Site)

From 1997 To 2013...

I Heard You Were Dead: Snake Plissken Fan Site

Snake Plissken Online

The Snake Plissken Page

The Un-Official Snake Plissken Page

Snake Plissken VS Solid Snake

SnakePlissken.Net Message Board