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Fangoria (Issue 8/Oct/1980/US) (Article: A Talk With John Carpenter) (Pages: 22-26) (Mentioned)

Prevue (43/Vol 2/Issue 3/Nov-Dec/1980/US) (Article: Film Fear: Three Directors Darkly: John Carpenter) (Pages: 38-40)

Starlog (Issue 41/Dec/1980/US) (Article: High Adventures In The Future By Steve Swires) (Pages: 28-30)

Cinefantastique (Vol 10/Issue 4/Apr/1981/US) (Article: Coming: Escape From New York By George Turner) (Page: 12)

Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone (Vol 1/Issue 1/Apr/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 53-56)

Starlog (Issue 45/Apr/1981/US) (Article: On The Set With 'Escape From New York' By Sam Maronie) (Pages: 28-30)

Prevue (45/Vol 2/Issue 5/May/1981/US) (Articles: Escape From New York/The Making Of Escape By Ken Bruzenak) (Pages: 33-38)

Starlog (Issue 46/May/1981/US) (Article: From 'Forbidden Planet' To 'Escape From New York' By Sam Maronie) (Pages: 48-51)

Cine-Revue (Vol 61/Issue 25/Jun 18/1981/BG) (Article: Escape From New York (S'evader De New York) By F. Dhont & Joan Mac Trevor) (Pages: 18-21)

Kinema Junpo (キネマ旬報) (Issue 812/Jun/1981/JP) (Article: ニューヨーク 1997) (Pages: 19-21, 100-105)

Starlog (Issue 32/Jun/1981/JP) (Article: Escape From New York By Masasaku Hirose) (Pages: 51-53)

International Photographer (Vol 53/Issue 7/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 14-16)

Movie Guide
(Issue 1/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York)

SoHo News (Vol 8/Issue 42/Jul 15-21/1981/US) (Article: A Snake's Progress By Seth Cagin) (Pages: 8-9)

Starlog (Issue 48/Jul/1981/US) (Article: Starlog Interview: John Carpenter By Steve Swires) (Pages: 73-76)

Lumiere Du Cinema (Issue 7/Jul-Aug/1981/FR) (Review) (Pages: 20-23)

Marquee (Vol 1/Issue 1/Aug/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Larry Lankford) (Pages: 8-9) (Fanzine)

Movie News (Vol 17/Issue 4/Aug-Sep/1981/AU) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 11-13)

Rolling Stone (Aug 20/1981/US) (Review)

Rona Barrett's Hollywood (Vol 12/Issue 11/Aug/1981/US) (Article:
Interview: Kurt Russell By Arthur Stern) (Pages: 59-62)

Starburst (36/Vol 3/Issue 12/Aug/1981/UK) (Article: A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 1 By Tony Crawley) (Pages: 32-37)

The Official Poster Magazine Of The Movie (Starburst Poster Magazine/Vol 1/Issue 2/1981/UK) (Biographies of the stars, special effects secrets and behind the scenes pictures and a 24 x 35 poster) (Text By Phil Edwards)

Starlog (Issue 49/Aug/1981/US) (Article: The Stars Of 'Escape From New York' Kurt Russell & Adrienne Barbeau By Steve Swires) (Pages: 17-19, 61)

US (Issue 4/Aug 04/1981/US) (Article: One-Eyed Snake By Dan Yakir) (Pages: 22-23)

Chillers (Vol 2/Issue 9/Sep/1981/US) (Article: John Carpenter's Escape From New York) (Pages: 30-33)

Cinefantastique (Vol 11/Issue 3/Sep/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 47)

Cinema (Issue 40/Sep/1981/DE) (Article: Die Klapperschlange) (Pages: 102-105) (Ad: 35)

Circus (
Issue 259/Sep 30/1981/US) (Article: Kurt Russell Rides A New Wave In 'Escape' Film By Richard Hogan) (Page: 52)

Continental Film and Video Review (347/Vol 26/Issue 11/Sep/1981/UK) (Article: Escape From New York) (Page: 8)

Filmmakers (Vol 14/Issue 11/Sep/1981/US) (Article: Panatar Lenses And Computerized Fire Effects In Escape From New York By Donald Chase) (Pages: 26-30)

Films On Screen And Video (Vol 1/Issue 10/Sep/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 32)

Monthly Film Bulletin (Vol 48/Issue 572/Sep/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 174-175)

Pariscope (Sep 16/Issue 682/1981/FR) (Cover)

Playboy (Sep/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 34)

Positif (Issue 246/Sep/1981/FR) (Review) (Pages: 56-57)

Starburst (37/Vol 4/Issue 1/Sep/1981/UK) (Article: A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 2 By Tony Crawley) (Pages: 46-50)

Bravo (Issue 43/Oct 15/1981/DE) (Article: Kurt Russell: Vom King Zur Klapperschlange)

Films & Filming (Issue 325/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 37-38)

Film Review (Vol 31/Issue 10/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 22-23)

Films Illustrated (Vol 11/Issue 121/Oct/1981/UK) (Article: Escape From New York) (Pages: 20-21)

Photoplay (379/Vol 32/Issue 10/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Page: 57)

Questar (Issue 13/Oct/1981/US) (Review) (Page: 17)

Starburst (38/Vol 4/Issue 19/Oct/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 16-19)

Dirigido (Issue 87/Nov/1981/ES)

Fantastic Films (Issue 26/Nov/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Blake Mitchell and Jim Ferguson) (Pages: 56-59, 62)

Future Life (Issue 30/Nov/1981/US) (Article: Escape From New York By Ed Naha) (Pages: 45-49)

The Movie (Issue 99/Nov/1981/UK) (Review) (Pages: 1976-1977)

Cineforum (Issue 209/1981/IT) (Article: 1997: Fuga Da New York By Gualtiero De Marinis) (Pages: 63-68)

Cinema Odyssey (Vol 1/Issue 1/1981/US) (Article: John Carpenter and his Escape From New York By C.J. Henderson) (Pages: 48-50)

Fantastique (Issue 17/1981/FR) (Articles: Escape From New York/Nick Castle/Debra Hill/Kurt Russell/Donald Pleasence/Harry Dean Stanton/Ernest Borgnine/Sur Le Tournage De Escape from New York By Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier) (Pages: 16-25, 58)

L'Ecran Fantastique (Issue 20/1981/FR) (Review) (Page: 75)

HBO TV Guide (Apr/1982/US)

HBO/Cinemax TV Guide (Apr/1982/US)

Ciné Choc (Issue 1/1984/FR) (1 Page)

Filmvilág (Issue 7/Jul/1988/HU) (Article: Az
Erőszak Mínt Stilus) (Mentioned)

Slaughterhouse (Vol 1/Issue 1/1988/US) (Article: Candid Carpenter On They Live, The Thing, And The Long Awaited Escape From New York Sequel! By Joseph Simone) (Pages: 27-30)

The John Carpenter File! (Issue 5/1988/UK) (Articles: Escape From New York - The Big Depth Profile! By Nazir A. Ali/Soundtracking On E.F.N.Y. By Jason Sidwell) (Pages: 12-13, 15-19) (Fanzine)

Pharr Out! (Issue 1/1994/US) (Articles: Time To Escape From New York Retrospectre/An Interview With Mike McQuay, The Escape From New York Novelist By Kim August)

Creative Screenwriting (Vol 2/Issue 4/Winter/1995/US) (Review Essay: Escape From New York: Mythic Structure By Samantha Kaye) (Pages: 69-75)

Starlog Yearbook (Vol 14/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Killer Convict By Steve Swires) (Pages: 15-17) (Also in: Starlog Issue 49/Aug/1981/US)

Cinefantastique (Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) (Article: Filming The Original By Michael Beeler) (Pages: 24-25)

Mad Movies (Issue 104/Nov-Dec/1996/FR) (Article: New York 1997 By Damien Granger) (Page: 19)

(Issue 40/Nov/1996/FR) (Article: New York 1997 By Dan Briggs) (Pages: 14-15)

Lasermania (Issue 2/Dec-Jan/1997/DE)

Exploitation Journal (Vol 3/Issue 1/1999/US) (Essay: The Heretofore Overlooked And Underexplored Homoerotic Subtext Of 'Escape from New York' By Joe Wawrzyniak)

Mad Movies Hors Série (Issue 1/2002/FR) (Articles: Escape From New York/Escape From L.A.)

Video Store (2003/US)

Dark Side (Issue 107/Feb-Mar/2004/UK) (Cover)

Empire (Issue 287/May/2013/UK) (Article: Snake Charmers By Chris Hewitt) (Pages: 130-139)

Fangoria Legends (Issue 2/June/2013/US) (Article: Escape From New York)
(Pages: 24-26)

Der Zombie (Issue 8/Aug/2015/DE) (Articles: Die Klapperschlange/Flucht Aus L.A.
- Die Retrospektive! By Markus Haage) (Pages: 8-39)

Famous Monsters of Filmland (Issue 287/Sep-Oct/2016/US) (Article: Escape From New York: An Interview With John Carpenter By David Weiner) (Pages: 46-49)

Movie (Unknown Year)

Other Magazines

Screen International (Issue 244/Jun 07/1980/UK)
Screen International (Issue 247/Jun/1980/UK)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Aug 08/1980/US) (Article: 'Crashed' Plane On Vacant City Lot Is Nothing But A Movie's 'Prop" Jet By Juli Cragg)
Variety (Aug 13/1980/US)
Granite City Press-Record (Aug 28/1980/US) (Article: Old Bridge Used For Filming 'Escape')
Daily Variety (Sep 25/1980/US) (Article: Just For Variety By Army Archard)
New York Times (Oct 04/1980/US) (Article:
'Escape' Gives Us Liberty By Dan Yakir)
Daily Variety (Oct 15/1980/US) (Article: 'Escape From N.Y.' Has All-Night Finale At Statue Of Liberty)
Variety (Oct 15/1980/US) (Article)

Hollywood Reporter (Oct 23/1980/US)
(Article: Carpenter, Hill Plan 'Clue' After N.Y. 'Escape' By Sharon Lee Dobuler)
Hollywood Reporter (Oct 24/1980/US) (Article:
On Location By Robert Osborne)
Shreveport-Bossier Times (Mar 18/1981/US) (Review)
Daily Variety (Apr 16/1981/US) (Article)
Hollywood Reporter (Jun 12/1981/US) (Review
Millimeter (Jun/1981/US) (Article)
Variety (Jun 17/1981/US)
Motion Picture Product Digest (Vol 9/Issue 3/Jul/1981)
Philadelphia Inquirer (Jul 05/1981/US) (Article: How Low Can You Go? (And Beyond) Anti-Hero By Desmond Ryan)
Roadshow (Jul/1981/JP) (Article: Escape From New York)

Village Voice (Jul 08/1981/
US) (Article: Talking Heads: Kurt Russell's Escape From Nowhere By Guy Trebay)
Chicago Sun Times (Jul 10/1981/US) (Review)
New York Times (Jul 10/1981/US) (Review)
Los Angeles Times (Jul 10/1981/US) (Review
Philadelphia Inquirer (Jul 10/1981/US) (Review)
Washington Post (Jul 10/1981/US) (Review)

Time Magazine (Jul 13/1981/US) (Review)
Hollywood Reporter (Jul 14/1981/US) (News Item: Box Office Grosses)
Courier (Jul 17/1981/US) (Article: Where Manhattan Is A Jail: Step Into A City Of Fantasy By Bob Thomas)
Hollywood Reporter (Jul 21/1981/US) (News Item: Box Office Grosses)
Newsweek (Jul 27/1981/US) (Review)

Hollywood Reporter (Jul 28/1981/US) (Article)
Christian Science Monitor (Review)
New York Times (Aug 02/1981/US) (Article: They Make Movies Look Good
By Vincent Canby)
Times-Picayune (Aug 13/1981/US) (Review)
Guardian (Aug 20/1981/UK) (Review By Derek Malcolm)

Sunday Times Magazine (Aug 20/1981/UK) (Review)

Daily Telegraph (Aug 21/1981/UK) (Review)
Screen International (Issue 306/Aug 22/1981/UK)
Sunday Times (Aug 23/1981/UK) (Review)
Voice (Sep 08/1981/UK) (Review)
Evening Standard (Sep 24/1981/UK) (Review)
Guardian (Sep 24/1981/UK)
Daily Mail (Sep 25/1981/UK)
Daily Mirror (Sep 25/1981/UK) (Review)
Financial Times (Sep 25/1981/UK) (Review)
Times (Sep 25/1981/UK)
Daily Express (Sep 26/1981/UK) (Review)
Daily Star (Sep 26/1981/UK) (Review)
News of the World (Sep 27/1981/UK) (Review)
Observer (Sep 27/1981/UK) (Review)
Sunday Mirror (Sep 27/1981/UK) (Review)
Sunday People (Sep 27/1981/UK) (Review)
Filme (Sep-Oct/1981/DE)
New Statesman (Oct 02/1981/UK) (Review)
Sunday Express
(Oct 04/1981/UK) (Review)
Sunday Telegraph (Oct 04/1981/UK) (Review)

Escape From L.A.

Fangoria (Issue 153/Jun/1996/US) (Article: "Escape From L.A." By Anthony C. Ferrante) (Page: 9)

Cinefantastique (Vol 27/Issue 11-12/Jul/1996/US) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Michael Beeler) (Pages: 8-9)

Cinefantastique (Vol 28/Issue 1/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Michael Beeler) (Pages: 32-33)

Cinescape (Vol 2/Issue 11/Aug/1996/US) (Articles: Urban Renewal By Dean Lamanna/Riding The Wave By Ron Magid) (Pages: 46-52)

Entertainment Weekly (Issue 340/Aug 16/1996/US) (Article: The Getaway By Tom Russo) (Pages: 40-42)

Entertainment Weekly (Issue 341-342/Aug 23/1996/US) (Review) (Page: 102)

Fangoria (Issue 155/Aug/1996/US) (Articles: To Live And Die In Escape From L.A./Rick Baker Cuts Up By Anthony C. Ferrante) (Pages: 20-25, 68) (Also in: Fangoria/Issue 17/Nov/1996/JP)

Femme Fatales (Vol 5/Issue 2/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Interview With Pam Grier)

Film Score Monthly (Issue 72/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Daniel Schweiger) (Pages: 6-7)

Sci-Fi Entertainment (Vol 3/Issue 2/Aug/1996/US) (Article: The Last Bad Boy By Lisa Stone Maccarillo) (Pages: 62-67)

Starlog Yearbook (Vol 14/Aug/1996/US) (Article: Snake's Newest Escape By Marc Shapiro) (Page: 17)

Tribute (Vol 13/Issue 5/Aug/1996/CA) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Jim Slotek) (Pages: 22-23) (Ad: 5)

American Cinematographer (Vol 77/Issue 9/Sep/1996/US) (Articles: Escape Artists By Michael X. Ferraro/Effecting A New Escape By Ron Magid) (Pages: 76-86)

Cinefantastique (Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) (Articles: Escape From L.A./Director John Carpenter/Costume Design/Production Design/Trashing Los Angeles By Michael Beeler) (Pages: 17-23, 26-27, 62)

Cinefex (Issue 64/Sep/1996/US) (Article: Hasta La Buena Vista By Mark Cotta Vaz) (Pages: 23-24, 134)

Cinescape (Vol 2/Issue 58/Sep-Oct/1996/US) (Article: The Future Is Now) By Ron Magid (Pages: 54-60)

El Amante Cine (Issue 55/Sep/1996/AR)

Fangoria (Issue 156/Sep/1996/US) (Article: Coming Back To Escape By Anthony C. Ferrante) (Pages: 20-25)

Fangoria (Issue 14/Sep/1996/JP) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Yoshiko Washizu)

Infinity (Issue 2/Sep/1996/UK) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Randy Christian) (Pages: 25-27)

L'Ecran Fantastique (Issue 153/Sep/1996/FR) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Jean-Baptiste Thoret & Luc Lagier) (Pages: 42-43)

Melody Maker (Vol 73/Issue 39/Sep 28/1996/UK) (Article: The Great Escape By Allan Jones) (Pages: 26-27)

Science Fiction Age (
Vol 4/Issue 6/Sep/1996/US) (Article: Carpenter And Russell Reunite In The Eagerly Awaited Escape From L.A. By Dan Perez) (Pages: 28, 30, 32)

Sci-Fi Universe (Vol 3/Issue 1/Sep/1996/US) (Articles: Escape Clause By Robert Meyer Burnett/Levelling The Left Coast By Andrew O. Thompson) (Pages: 38, 63) (Review) (Pages: 61-62) 

Starburst (Issue 217/Vol 19/Issue 1/Sep/1996/UK) (Article: Escape Artist By Alan Jones) (Pages: 44-47)

Starlog (Issue 230/Sep/1996/US) (Articles: Bad Man's World/Designing Escapes By Marc Shapiro) (Pages: 47-53)
(Also in:
Starlog/Issue 8/Dec/1996/DE)

Time Out (Issue 1360/Sep 11/1996/UK) (Article: Boom Towns By D. Elmer) (Page: 28)

Time Out (Issue 1361/Sep 18/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 72)

New Statesman (Sep 20/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 43)

World Screen (Sep/1996/CH)

Dirigido (Issue 250/Oct/1996/ES)

Empire (Issue 88/Oct/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 34)

Fangoria (Issue 157/Oct/1996/US) (Article: Back In Snake's Skin By Anthony C. Ferrante) (Pages: 71-73, 82)

Flicks (Vol 8/Issue 10/Oct/1996/UK) (Article: Breaking Loose By James Cameron-Wilson) (Page: 11)

Impact (Issue 64/Oct/1996/FR) (Article: Los Angeles 2013 By Marc Toullec) (Pages: 22-27)

Juice (Issue 44/Oct/1996/AU) (Article: Interview With John Carpenter) (Page: 28)

La Casa (Issue 11/Oct/1996/AR) (Fanzine)

Loaded (Issue 30/Oct/1996/UK) (Article:
Kurt Russell On The Pliss By Jane Garcia) (Pages: 185, 187, 189)

Movie (Issue 5/Oct/1996/AU)

MovieStar (Issue 21/Oct/1996/DE) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Uwe Raum-Deinzer) (Pages: 10-13)

Select (Issue 75/Oct/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 131)

Sight & Sound (Issue 66/Oct/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 44)

Starburst (Issue 218/Oct/1996/UK) (Review) (Page: 41)

Accion (Issue 54/Nov/1996/ES)

Actua Cine (Issue 164/Nov/1996/FR) (Article: Los Angeles 2013 By Guy Lemay) (Pages: 8-9)

Cinema (Issue 11/Nov/1996/DE) (Article: Flucht Aus L.A. By Heiko Rosner) (Pages: 78-81)

Empire (Issue 89
/Nov/1996/UK) (Article: Snake Charmer By Ian Nathan) (Pages: 90-94, 96)

Fangoria (Issue 17/Nov/1996/JP) (Article:
To Live And Die In Escape From L.A. By Anthony C. Ferrante)
(Also in: Fangoria/Issue 155/Aug/1996/US)

Der FilmfelixX! International (Issue 6/Nov-Dec/1996/DE) (Article: Ssssnake Is Back!) (Pages: 36-38)

Grand Ecran (Issue 42/Nov/1996/FR)

Impact (Issue 11/Nov/1996/UK) (Article: Escape From L.A. By Michael Stradford) (Pages: 23-25)

Kinema Junpo (キネマ旬報) (Issue 1206/Nov/1996/JP) (Article:
エスケープ・フロ) (Pages: 66-69) (Ad: 99)

(Includes an EFLA poster)

L'Ecran Fantastique (Issue 155/Nov/1996/FR) (Articles: Los Angeles 2013/Kurt Russell By Jean-Luc Vandiste/John Carpenter By Luc Lagier & Jean-Baptiste Thoret/George Corraface By Jean-Luc Vandiste) (Pages: 6-16) (Review) (Page: 13)

Les Inrockuptibles (Issue 79/Nov 13-19/1996/FR) (Article: Un Citoyen Au-Dessus De Tout Soupçon By Samuel Blumenfeld) (Pages: 22-24)
(Also in: Mucchio/14-15 January/1997/IT)

M6 Cine Video (Issue 7/Nov-Dec/1996/FR) (Articles:
Los Angeles 2013 By Christophe Lemaire/Kurt Russell By Jean-Christophe Tur (Pages: 12-15)

Mad Movies (Issue 104/Nov-Dec/1996/FR) (Articles: Los Angeles 2013/Kurt Russell By Marc Toullec) (Pages: 12-18) (Review) (Page: 15)

MovieStar (Issue 22-23/Nov-Dec/1996/DE) (Article: Flucht Aus L.A. By Markus Tschiedert) (Pages: 32-35) (Ad: 31)

SFX (Issue 18/Nov/1996/UK) (Article: LA Story - Interview With John Carpenter) (Pages: 50-55)

(Includes an EFLA poster)

S.F.X. (Issue 40/Nov/1996/FR) (Articles: Los Angeles 2013/Les Effets Spéciaux/Entretien Avec John Stirber By Alain Bielik) (Pages: 6-13)

Space View (Issue 6/Nov/1996/DE) (Article: John Carpenter's Escape From L.A. By Jeff Beck) (Pages: 12-17)

Starlog (Issue 232/Nov/1996/US) (Article: Snake Eye By Ian Spelling) (Pages: 52-55)

(Includes an EFLA poster)

Video 7 (Issue 171/Nov/1996/FR)
(Articles: John Carpenter Á Propos De Los Angeles 2013/Kurt Russell Retrouve La Peau Du Héros De New York 1997 By Benjamin Janssens) (Pages: 45-47)

Video Eyeball (Vol 2/Issue 6/Nov-Dec/1996/US) (Article: Once A Snake... Kurt Russell Is Back In Snake's Clothes By Paul Sherman) (Pages: 36-37)

Fangoria (Issue 18/Dec/1996/JP) (Article: Escape From L.A.)

Starburst Yearbook (Issue 30/Dec/1996/UK) (Article: Postcards From L.A. By Simon Bacal)
(Pages: 54-56)

Starlog (Issue 8/Dec/1996/DE) (Article: Die Welt Des Bösen By Marc Shapiro) (Pages: 45-49)
(Also in: Starlog/Issue 230/Sep/1996/US)

Les Annees Laser (Issue 34/Dec-Jan/1996-1997/FR) (Article: Kurt Russell Interview) (1 Page)

World of Fandom (Vol 2/Issue 27/Summer/1996/US) (Article:
Joseph B. Mauceri Makes His Escape From L.A. With Director John Carpenter By Joseph B. Mauceri) (Pages: 28-30)

Smoke (Issue 9/Fall/1996/US) (Article: A Smoke Escape By Dennis Hunt) (Pages: 76-80, 82, 84, 86)

Film West (Issue 26/1996/IR) (Review) (Page: 48)

Entertainment Weekly (Issue 362/Jan/1997/US) (Review)

Exc Exalibur (Issue 39/Jan/1997/IT)

Mucchio (Jan 14-15/1997/IT) (Article: Intervista John Carpenter Su "Fuga Da Los Angeles" By Samuel Blumenfeld) (Pages: 22-25) (Also in: Les Inrockuptibles/Issue 79/Nov 13-19/1996/FR)

Cinema SFX (Issue 10/Feb/1997/IT) (Article: Anno 2013: Fuga Da Los Angeles By R.Z.) (Pages: 40-41)

Screens (Apr/1997/UK) (Article: Escape From L.A. - Snake's Alive) (Pages: 8-9)

Neon (Issue 5/May/1997/UK) (Article: Short Interview With Kurt Russell By Anwar Brett) (Review) (Page: 100)

Total Film (Issue 4/May/1997/UK) (Article: Point Blank: John Carpenter The Total Film Interview By Stephen Applebaum) (Pages: 74-78) (Review) (Page: 101)

Videoscope (Issue 21/Winter/1997/US) (Article: John Carpenter On Escape From L.A.) (Page: 21) (Review) (Page: 20)

Lasermania (Issue 2/Dec-Jan/1997/DE)

TV & Satellite Week (Apr 25-May 01/1998/UK) (Articles: Patchy Performer?/A tale Of Two Cities) (Pages: 4-5)

Canal Plus (Issue 127/Jul/1998/FR)

M6 Fantastique (Issue 12/Oct/1998/FR) (Articles: Los Angeles 2013 By Jean-Michel Dupont/Kurt Russell By Cyrille Giraud/John Carpenter By Jean-Baptiste Thoret/L.A.: K.O. By Pascal Pinteau/New York 1997 Los Angeles 2013 By Jean-Baptiste Thoret/Comment Un Film En Cache Un Autre By Jean-Baptiste Thoret (Pages: 4-8, 10-24)

Mad Movies Hors Série (Issue 1/2002/FR) (Articles: Escape From New York/Escape From L.A.)

Fangoria Legends (Issue 2/June/2013/US) (Article: Escape From L.A.)
(Pages: 52-54)

Der Zombie (Issue 8/Aug/2015/DE) (Articles: Die Klapperschlange/Flucht Aus L.A.
- Die Retrospektive! By Markus Haage) (Pages: 8-39)

Other Magazines

Chicago Sun Times (Jul 15/1995/US) (Article: Kurt Russell To Make A Second 'Escape')
San Francisco Chronicle (Dec 14/1995/US) (Article: Keach Plans 'Escape')
Los Angeles Times (Feb 04/1996/US) (Article: Apocalypse 2013 By Patrick Goldstein)

USA Today (Apr 06/1996/US) (Article: For Russell, No Escape From His First Action Role By Tom Green)
Patriot News (Jul 15/1996/US) (Article: Snake's Back In Escape From L.A. By Ian Spelling)
Calgary Sunday Sun (Jul 28/1996/CA) (Article: Role Haunts Russell By Louis B. Hobson)
DGA Magazine (Jul & Aug/1996/US) (Article: Fires... Floods... Riots... Earthquakes... John Carpenter!
By Ted Elrick)
Houston Chronicle (Aug 02/1996/US) (Article: Carpenter Build An Anything Goes Plot By Lewis B. Parks)
San Antonio Express-News (Aug 02/1996/US) (Article: 'Escape' Artist By Larry Ratliff)
Boston Herald (Aug 04/1996/US) (Article:
Russell Gets New Mission And Chance To 'Escape From L.A.')
Chicago Sun Times (Aug 04/1996/US) (
Article: The Escape Artist By Bob Strauss)
Orange County Register (Aug 06/1996/US) (Article: Here Snake Comes To Save The Day By Barry Koltnow)
USA Today (Aug 06/1996/US) (Review)
Flint Journal (Aug 07/1996/US) (Article: 'Escape' Sequel Looks To Bury L.A.
By Ed Bradley)
New York Daily News (Aug 07/1996/US) (Article: This 'Snake's' Not Trying To Be A Charmer By Lewis Beale)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Aug 07/1996/US) (Article: He's President In Film, But Robertson's No Politician)
USA Today (Aug 07/1996/US) (Article: Kurt Russell On Change, Video And His Role As 'Snake' By Jack Garner)
Cincinnati Post (Aug 08/1996/US) (Review)
Houston Press (Aug 08/1996/US) (Review)
St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Aug 08/1996/US) (Review)
St. Paul Pioneer Press (Aug 08/1996/US) (Article: Hissssssstory Repeats Itself) By Chris Hewitt
Star Ledger (Aug 08/1996/US) (Article: Carpenter Offers Another 'Escape' For Sci-Fi Fans By Allen Barra)
Times Union (Aug 08/1996/US) (Review)
Virginian-Pilot (Aug 08/1996/US) (Article: Wacko President Hails From Virginia In 'Escape From L.A.' By Mal Vincent)
Atlanta Journal/Atlanta Constitution
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Austin American-Statesman (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Boston Globe (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Boston Herald (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Buffalo News
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Charlotte Observer (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)

Chicago Sun Times (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Chicago Tribune (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Columbus Dispatch (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)

Contra Costa Times (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Daily Herald (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Daily Oklahoman
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Dallas Morning News
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Dayton Daily News (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Denver Post
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Deseret News (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review By Chris Hicks)
Detroit News (Aug 09/1996/US) (Article: Russell Doesn't Mind Your Delayed Reaction)
El Nuevo Herald (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Film Guide (Vol 1/Issue 8/Aug/1996/UK) (Article: From New York To L.A. By Alan Jones) (Review)
Flint Journal (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Florida Times-Union
(Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Aug 09/1996/US) (Article:
Shake, Rattle And Roll By Michael H. Price) (Review)
Fresno Bee (Aug 09/1996/US) (Review)
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