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Unknown TV Program [2:43]

Description: Vintage featurette with Liberty Island behind the scenes footage and interviews with John Carpenter, Lee Van Cleef, Isaac Hayes and Adrienne Barbeau.

Sep 01/1981] [2:05]

Description: Bobbie Wygant interviews Debra Hill

Road Show [NTV] [Oct 27/1982] [7:29]

Haruo Mizuno Segment Featuring On Set Footage

Entertainment Tonight [1994] [2:31]

Description: Director's Special Edition VHS & Collector's Edition LaserDisc Segment.

An Exclusive Interview With John Carpenter
[1994] [15:31]

Director's Special Edition VHS & Collector's Edition LaserDisc Interview.

1997: Fuga Da New York
[Unknown Year] [MP4] [26.3 MB] [7:00]

Speciale TV realizzato per il canale Studio Universal [NBC Universal].

John Carpenter Escape From New York Q&A [Grauman's Chinese Theatre/2010] [42:17]

Description: Moderated by Mick Garris.

Ox Baker Talks About Escape From New York [2011]
[5:56] [Note: Bruiser Brody was killed in 1988]

Ox Baker was kind enough to let me interview him about his experience working on Escape From NY I was startled when I learned how he got the part [it will shock you!] He then talked shortly about his other film roles, including the upcoming Card subject to change.

Robert Skotak Talks About The Escape From New York Miniature Effects [2011] [7:25] [Note: Updated Version]

Description: Sense of Scale documentary segment.

Ernest Borgnine Talks About Escape From New York [Texas Frightmare Weekend/May 05/2012] [2:55]

Description: During a Q&A at 2012's Texas Frightmare Weekend, Ernest Borgnine reflected on his experience working with John Carpenter on Escape From New York.

Kurt Russell Escape From New York Q&A [Grauman's Chinese Theatre/May 03/2013] [3:08]

Kurt Russell made a rare on-stage appearance at Entertainment Weekly's CapeTown Film Festival, where he discussed the legacy of Snake Plissken and Escape From New York, the sci-fi cult classic.

Kurt Russell Escape From New York Q&A [Audio Only] [Grauman's Chinese Theatre/May 03/2013] [49:43]

Description: Kurt Russell made a rare on-stage appearance at Entertainment Weekly's CapeTown Film Festival, where he discussed the legacy of Snake Plissken and Escape From New York, the sci-fi cult classic.

Kurt Russell Talks About Escape From New York Reboot & Snake Plissken's Requirements [Entertainment Tonight] [2014] [1:10]

Description: Fresh news about the long-in-the-works Escape From New York remake made the rounds this week, and I asked the film's original hero, Kurt Russell, for his thoughts on the project as he was promoting his new thriller, The Art of the Steal.

Joe Alves Escape From New York Thionville [FR] Screening Video [2015] [6:32]

Production Designer Joe Alves speaks about his work on Escape From New York.

Snake Plissken's Motivations In Escape From New York [23:00-29:00] [Kurt Russell on His Career, Robin Williams's Unrelenting Humor, and...] [The Bill Simmons Podcast] [#200] [Apr 13/2017] [1:22:09]

Description: HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kurt Russell to discuss the origin of Mr. Nobody in the Fast & Furious franchise [5:00], the alternate universe where he [and not Kevin Costner] played Crash Davis [16:00], the big chance to play Elvis on ABC [23:00], Snake Plissken's motivations in Escape From New York [29:00], shooting Silkwood with Meryl Streep and Cher [36:00], meeting Goldie Hawn [41:00], experiencing tabloid culture as a celebrity couple [48:00], Robin Williams's incessant joke-telling [53:00], working with Sly Stallone [58:00], Val Kilmer's on-set antics [1:04:00], bringing Herb Brooks to life in Miracle (1:10:00), and his love of wine [1:16:00].

How The Escape From New York Music Was Made [Feat. Alan Howarth] [2019] [25:22]

In 1981, John Carpenter and Alan Howarth worked on their first film score together; Escape From New York. This was the genesis of a fruitful decade of collaboration. The film has gone on to become a cult-classic, but the score has taken on a life of its own and had great influence upon many musicians. I was planning to break down how some of the cues were made and decided to try to contact Alan Howarth to ask him some questions. Amazingly, he responded and was gracious enough to be interviewed for this film. A rare treat, we hear from the horses mouth how the whole collaboration came about, how the music was composed, what equipment was used and how on earth they sync'd things up in a pre-digital world. Alan is still active and working on new scores and new technology, so we also get to hear what he's up to in 2019 and even get a peak at his current studio where some gear from Escape From New York still resides.

Joe Alves Talks About Escape From New York [2020] [6:53]

Description: Joe Alves talks about working on Escape From New York with John Carpenter!

Escape From New York Watchparty [Feat. Adrienne Barbeau] [2021] [2:22:57]

Description: In Search of Tomorrow - Escape From New York Watchparty with special guest Adrienne Barbeau

Directing Last Starfighter & Writing Escape From New York With Nick Castle [2021] [1:09:55]

Description: N/A

Kurt Russell Breaks Down His Most Iconic Characters [2024] [26:37]

Kurt Russell breaks down his most iconic roles in film, including Escape From New York, The Thing, Tombstone, Death Proof, The Hateful Eight, Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, The Christmas Chronicles and Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.


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Music Videos

Escape From New York [Official Live In Studio Video] [2016] [3:15]

69th St. Bridge [Official Visualizer] [2023] [2:47]


Sneak Previews
[#4.37] [Jul 16/1981] [28:47]

Related Documentaries & Interviews [Selected]

John Carpenter Interview On Kurt Russell
[Unknown Year] [34:46]

Description: 90s Interview

The Directors - John Carpenter
[#2.41] [Feb 12/1999] [58:34]

A profile of John Carpenter, includes clips from the films Assault on Precinct 13 [1976], Halloween [1978] and Escape From New York [1981]. Also; comments from Jamie Lee Curtis; Kurt Russell; and Carpenter's ex-wife, actress Adrienne Barbeau.

John Carpenter: Fear Is Just The Beginning... The Man And His Movies [2004] [59:58]

Filmmaker John Carpenter helped redefine the American horror film in 1978 with Halloween, a low-budget thriller which became a major box office success. Since then, Carpenter has devoted his career to bringing a fresh perspective to genre filmmaking, striving to maintain the freedom of an independent while working within the studio system. [Carpenter not only writes and directs his own projects, but often also serves as producer and composer as well.] John Carpenter: Fear Is Just the Beginning...The Man and His Movies is a documentary about this two-fisted maverick auteur, which offers a look at the making of such favorites as Escape From New York, The Thing, The Fog, and many more. The documentary includes interviews with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kurt Russell, Adrienne Barbeau, Debra Hill, and other friends and colleagues

Big John [2006] [75:32]

Description: Since his first film, Dark Star made in 1975, director John Carpenter has never stopped exploring science fiction with the approach of a true author. He made himself known with key works like Halloween, The Thing and Invasion Los Angeles. This documentary explores Carpenter's unique and sometimes Baroque world. Using many film-clips as well as interviews with the director's collaborators [Austin Stocker, Adrienne Barbeau, Debra Hill, Alan Howarth, Larry Franco] and with two French critics [Nicolas Saada and Jean-Baptiste Thoret], as well as Nicolas Saada and Mel Sloan. John Carpenter's work reveals it's hidden and sometimes engaging aspects.

Fan Movies [Selected]

Escape Big Trouble In New Jersey [2006] [24:57]

Description: After escaping New York, Snake Plissken, stuck in Jersey, decides to go for a beer and just relax. Little does he know, that big trouble isn't too far behind. Moments after Snake arrives in the bar, Jack Burton enters after a long haul cross-country. He takes a seat at the bar next to Snake and orders a beer of his own. As the two begin to awkwardly converse, Dredeye [the Duke's younger brother] enters the bar with his gang. Dredeye, who was tipped off by the cops, is looking for the man who killed his brother. While Snake tries to blend in, Jack instantly mouths off at Dredeye. Sure enough, all hell breaks loose as Jack and Snake are forced to team up as they now have to escape big trouble in New Jersey.

A Word From Chris: What the hell can I say? It's the meeting of the mullets. This film has got to be the most fun I've ever had making a movie. My equipment was great, my actors were great and the stunts were eye popping. I've never really had such a consistent level of professionalism when making my other films. And I don't think I've ever done anything on such a large scale. We had so many different locations, props, costumes etc. But some how, everything got done. I really have a great feeling about this movie. It was a labor of love and I think it shows in final product. I only hope all of you will embrace it like I have.

Directed By Chris .R. Notarile

Part 1 [13:16] Official HD Trailer [0:50] Bloopers [4:47]

Escape From New Jersey Part 1

Description: Picking up right where John Carpenter's Escape From New York ended, we find Snake Plissken stuck in New Jersey with nowhere to go and nothing to do, except get drunk. But the Garden State gets put into a state of panic when the Crazies blast their way through the Holland Tunnel and the tri-state area is put on Marshal Lockdown. Can a wounded Snake survive this new challenge, but more importantly, can he escape from New Jersey?

A Word From Chris: Escape From New Jersey is my second attempt at making a Snake Plissken fan film. My previous version Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey, which teamed Snake up with Jack Burton [another role played by Kurt Russell]. Unfortunately the fan film was a disaster and I openly still admit to this day it's the worst thing I ever made. I think in part by the sizable egos that I teamed up with when making it. It was just one of those experiences that looked better on paper and the end result was not something I was ever totally pleased with.

But enough dwelling on the past. After five years, I finally decided to take another crack at good ol' Snake and give him the fan film he deserved. In step Hector De La Rosa, quite possibly the biggest Snake Plissken fan - EVER! This guy not only loves the character, he has actually transformed himself into Snake. Paying attention to every notable detail, Hector has managed to recreate virtually every memorable Escape prop from Snake's attire. This includes a life size replica of both of his guns, his wrist locator and homing device. And I haven't even gotten to the actual costume yet. Needless to say, Hector has dedicated his life to embodying his favorite character, right down to 5 o'clock shadow.

I truly believe it was this amount of dedication to the character that inspired me to want to have a second go at a Snake movie. Once Hector and I joined forces, the script sort of wrote itself. I tried to stay within the guidelines set by the first two movies as well as the mini-comic series. My goal was to just make a sensible story that would answer that old question, "What the hell did he do after he escaped New York?"

All in all it was a LONG and tedious experience, but in the end it was truly worth it. I think I finally made something that would please any Escape fan. The story is logical, the character development is understandable and it has that classic Carpenter feel but with a hint of my own style as well."

Directed By Chris .R. Notarile

Part 2 [10:27] Teaser Trailer [0:57]

Escape From New Jersey Part 2 [2010]

Waking up on the side of the Jersey Turnpike, Snake Plissken once again finds himself stuck with a new ultimatum - to retrieve the two billion dollars in stolen creds [that originally got him arrested and deported to New York] and re-steal them once more before the king pin of New Jersey, Armando Barone, personally kills him. Surly and starving, Snake makes his way into town to complete his mission and once and for all be left alone..... or so he thinks.

Directed By Chris .R. Notarile

Escape From New Jersey Part 3 [2010] [9:07]

Description: After escaping custody from the bounty hunter duo- Carjack Malone & Texas Mike O'Shay, Snake heads to Hoboken to visit an old friend to help me re-steal the money he owes the Kingpin of New Jersey, Armando Barone.

Directed By Chris .R. Notarile

Escape From New Jersey Part 4 [2010] [10:58]

Description: The 4th and final chapter in the Escape From New Jersey series, put Snake right in the lion's den. Trapped in Armando's torture room with Carjack Malone and Texas Mike O'Shay bound by his side, Snake faces the diabolical Sayerville Surgeon. Will he survive this hellish experience? Will he finally get his release papers back? Watch and find out!

Directed By Chris .R. Notarile

The Escape Agenda [2012] [9:19]

Description: After rescuing the president, Snake wakes up and learns that he has been charged with treason. The President is on his way back to Liberty Island to carry out his execution. Will Snake escape once more?

Directed By Hector De La Rosa

The Escape Agenda 2 [2014] [21:22]

Description: Snake Plissken is Back! Snake deals with the ghosts from his past, betrayal, and the loss of his friend Taylor. He then realizes his path and his next mission.

Directed By Hector De La Rosa

The Escape Agenda 3 Teaser Trailer [2016] (1:15)

Description: The U.S.P.F. has been on Snake's tail. They finally catch uptown him and think they have a controlled situation... they were dead wrong.

Directed By Hector De La Rosa

The Escape Agenda 3 [2017] [18:33]

Description: After Snake gets knocked out cold at a biker bar, he recalls his ordeal on Liberty Island just before he enters the New York Maximum Security Penitentiary.

Directed By Hector De La Rosa

Jake West's Escape From London [2011] [8:08]

A Word from Jake West: "Like most genre filmmakers of my generation I was undeniably influenced by director John Carpenter, and I particularly loved the character of Snake Plissken, the ultimate anti-authoritarian-anti-hero that so impacted and warped my teenage psyche it made me want to "stick it to the man" and make my own crazy flicks... and even wear an eyepatch! So in tribute to the maestro, Plissken, FrightFest and the best festival audience in the world... this year from within the walls of our festival prison I invite you to have some twisted fun and briefly Escape from London."

Directed By Jake West

Lucy Clements - FrightFest 2011 [Film-News/Aug 25/2011] By Claudia A

E 2019 [2015]

Description: Escape From Earth Teaser

Directed By Vincent Lecrocq

Escape From Las Vegas [2018] [18:09]

Description: In the year 2001, Las Vegas has been scheduled for one final implosion event to wipe the entire city off the face of the earth. An underground crime syndicate, led by the ruthless King of Las Vegas, has kidnapped the president's daughter, and is holding her for ransom somewhere inside the crumbling remains of Sin City. One man has been sent in to find her and get her out before it's too late. But the odds are against him, and in Vegas, the house always wins. Escape From Las Vegas - a Snake Plissken fan film, is an homage to the 1980's, the legendary director John Carpenter, and the iconic movie star Kurt Russell.

Directed By Jake Bass

Escape From Leningrad [2018] [47:47]

Description: The youth of Snake Plissken in the WW3 against Russia, in 1988.

Directed By Guillaume Bouiges

Call Me Snake [2023] [22:41]

Call Me Snake is a film that explores an otherwise unseen chapter of John Carpenter's Escape film franchise [Escape From New York, Escape From L.A.] which chronologically takes place in the time between the two films. We follow our title character Snake Plissken, a hardened renegade, outlaw and gunslinger, as he navigates his way through the seedy underbelly of New Vegas, Thailand - an international haven of freedom, sin and debauchery. Living on the run from the corrupt US Government, Snake lives in this dystopian cityscape as a gun for hire, living by his own cynical moral code, and doing whatever it takes to survive.

Directed By Sean E. McCarthy