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• A lost 09:03 minute EFNY vintage featurette made by future director Mick Garris at the time of the theatrical release called: Inside John Carpenter's Escape is wanted. It includes: Movie scenes, John Carpenter Interview, Kurt Russell Interview, Production/Location shoots, Kurt Russell says "Violence belongs in film and on television."

• A rare extended TV version of EFNY is wanted. According to Will King it exists. Any changes in dialogue are also wanted from TV broadcasts.

A complete CapeTown Film Festival EFNY Q&A video with Kurt Russell at the Egyptian Theatre, Los Angeles, May 03, 2013 is wanted. A complete audio only video can be seen here.

The EFNY Q&A with Adrienne Barbeau and Tom Atkins at the Andy Warhol Museum, November 04, 2011 is wanted.

Escape From New York VFX Notes is wanted in any form. I was outbid on this on eBay. JohnCarpenterFanBoy won it.

• Kurt Russell Promoting Escape From L.A. with Rob Zombie and John Sencio interviewing him on MTV at the
Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu, California, September 07, 1996 is wanted. According to White Rob Zombie Fan Page: "On Aug 96 Rob was with Kurt Russell on MTV, talking about Escape From LA. They also showed a picture of Rob when he was 15 dressed up as Snake from Escape from NY. Rob had sunglasses on and had a hat that said Elvis on it. MTV showed a clip of WZ video for the movie. Rob was happy and talked with Kurt and the MTV guy. He said that they were going to play the song from the soundtrack at their shows."

• Kurt Russell promoting EFLA on Jay Leno Season 4, Episode 206 - Aired: 9/8/1996 is wanted. There is also a clip from the Tonight Show where Leno goes to the future and meets Snake. It was aired sometime before EFLA was released.

The US broadcast of Movie Magic 1996 Action Effects: Ultimate Action #4.11 is wanted: Visual Effects Supervisor Michael Lessa and his team at Buena Vista Visual Effects use a combination of miniatures and computer generated imagery to create an apocalyptic earthquake in John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. The French broadcast can be seen here.

• New or better pictures are wanted.