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Extended TV Version (According to Will King) (Note: John Carpenter does not know of any extended version of the movie.)
Bank Robbery Opening Sequence
Plissken robs the Bank of the United States Colorado Federal Reserve as a maintenance man, gets away with several billion dollars in credit cards, meets with Bill Taylor in a subway platform and travels to San Francisco. They are ambushed in the upper lobby at the subway station by the USPF and Taylor gets shot. Plissken tries to escape but decides to go back for him and tries to talk him into giving up to save his life. Taylor refuses to surrender and gets killed. Plissken surrenders, grieving.

Plissken Confronting The Duty Sergeant

: "The Duty Sergeant said: "Hold it." Snake stopped and looked at him with uninterest. The scene doesn't stop there, it continues. The Duty Sergeant looks at Snake's profile. "Snake Plissken." he said and asked how he was doing. Snake responded: "Fabulous." The Duty Sergeant said: "Not for long.", then he is led (or pushed) to another hallway toward a doorway with a sign above saying: "Goodbye, Charlie. Don't think it hasn't been fun!"

The Secretary Of State On The Red Phone (Extended Dialogue) & Bob Hauk Talking To Dr. Cronenberg About The Microscopic Capsule Device To Infect Plissken With

: "Instead of it starting with the Secretary of State on the phone with the Vice President saying: "Yes. He's right here, Mr. Vice President." Hauk picks up the phone and talks to him. The scene was longer. There was some talking before that scene came and more talking afterwards and I think Dr. Cronenberg and a Police Officer showed up in the scene."

Plissken Seeing Three Indians Roasting A Cat In The Lobby Of The World Trade Center And Is Almost Garroted By A Fourth Indian From Behind

: "After Snake Plissken lands on the World Trade Center tower, there is a scene showing him going to the lobby inside the World Trade Center. He sees some Indians down in the lobby ahead and walked over to them. They were cooking a cat for dinner. One of the Indians came behind him and tried to strangle Plissken with a piano wire. Plissken fought back and ran out of the World Trade Center with the Indians running after him."

Plissken Running Out From The World Trade Center

: "He loses them by running through the dark streets."

Plissken Having An Altercation With The Manager In The Theater

: "Snake inside the theater. When he goes to the auditorium, he had an altercation with the theater manager and the ticket taker."

Plissken Limping Out From The Grand Central Station

: "This is Snake running out of the building where he fought the Slag while the inmates are running around looking for Harold Hellman and the President. Snake steals one of the inmate's car and drives to the World Trade Center."

Plissken Causing A Car Crash Explosion To The Other Cars Chasing Him Under The Bridge

: "Three other cars besides the Duke chases Snake. One of the cars rams another car from behind and an explosion occur."

Escape From New York Extended Fan Edit

Description (Tranzor):
This is EFNY with an additional 7 min Snake Pliskin scene. It makes the film longer and gives you more footage. This is one film where more is better.
Purpose of edit: To add back in the one deleted scene that occurs with Snake at the very beginning.
New Run Time: 106 Min

Cuts Removed/Added/Extended:

1. Restored Snake's bank robbery scene
2. Did not use the deleted scenes opening credits montage, used the original films instead

DVD Features: Static menu, 16×9, NTSC

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Escape From New York Movie Tie-In Novel By Mike McQuay

Mike McQuay's Movie Tie-In Novel explores Plissken's past a little bit more. It has an explanation how Plissken lost his eye due to deadly nerve gas in Leningrad and we also get to know that his parents were killed by the United States Police Force from a hostage situation etc. Plissken comes across as a more sympathetic protagonist in the book.

It explores the movie's backstory more. It explains that New York due to
World War III was the first North American target to be attacked by fire bombs and the deadly nerve gas. As a result of this, survivors turned into Crazies and the gas spread and turned other poor Americans from a collapsed economy into criminals and Crazies. The United States Police Force is furthermore exclusively filled with mad war veterans.

It has a complete new chapter called the Steri-Chamber. In this chapter we get to know that The Steri-Chamber is a place where criminals gets castrated by a machine placed over your hips before being sent into the prison.
It also introduces us to a new character called Sergeant Duggan who is an asshole watching over Plissken in this room.

It gives Bob Hauk a backstory similar to Plissken's. We also get to know how he became the warden of New York and that he has a Crazy son living in the prison.

It includes scenes that were cut out of the movie or never shot.

An interview with Mike McQuay, the Escape From New York novelist (Pharr Out!/Issue 1/1994) By Kim August

Coleman Luck's Escape From L.A. Script (1987)

Kurt Russell approached John Carpenter on doing a sequel in 1985 on a plane back from New York when doing press for Big Trouble In Little China. There were some plans on doing a sequel or sequels earlier and both Lee Van Cleef (Bob Hauk) and Russell wanted to do it if Carpenter was involved. However, the ending of Escape From New York pretty much summed it all up in terms of the character and left Carpenter clueless what to do after that. He also could not come up with something with a resonance. He decided to commission screenwriter Coleman Luck to write a draft of Escape From L.A. based on an outline by him and Russell which would serve as a prequel to Escape From New York. It was Russell's idea from the beginning to have L.A. (which was always their choice) being broken off from a giant earthquake. Carpenter on Luck's script: "It was interesting and had some really fine scenes in it, but as a whole movie it wasn't what we wanted and was a bit too jokey." he also described it as: "Too light, too campy." Russell on Luck's script: "It just wasn't the original. It was like looking at a painting that was kind of a copy." Both Carpenter and Russell though it was ok, but it did not quite work. In Luck's version L.A. (set in 1995) has turned into a lunatic asylum as a result of a mutated harmless genetically engineered virus used to combat a plague of fruit-destroying med flies creating violent insanity to the people. Bob Hauk then captures Plissken and wants him to evade a new, top secret military weapon. Snake Plissken from Escape From New York also turned out to be a clone etcetera. It also had an explanation how Plissken lost his eye. The project was being set up at DeLaurentis Studios, but unfortunately, it never came to be because Dino De Laurentis company went under so the project died.

An Exclusive Interview with Coleman Luck
Coleman Luck's Escape From L.A. Script (Review) By RaulMonkey, Ain't It Cool News

Peter Briggs Escape From L.A. Script (1994) (Special thanks to David Webb)

The Peter Briggs version was written "on spec", meaning he did it on his own, without getting paid for it, in the hope of selling it to the rights owners. However, they (Debra Hill, John Carpenter & Kurt Russell etc) never got to read it, as it was not distributed or promoted at all.

In a Looker exclusive, Peter Briggs have kindly agreed to shed a little light on his own take. So here is a cursory description of the much longer and denser plot. The script originally was 115 pages long.

Peter Briggs Original Escape From L.A. Storyline (Copyright © Peter Briggs, all rights reserved.)

This Escape From L.A. version takes place some years after the events of the first film. Because of Snake's sabotage (at the end of Escape From New York), the entire world goes to war. While the American military are abroad, drug cartels from South American move up and take control of key cities (like L.A.). Only after the war's over are the military able to slowly recover lost ground (they're forced to nuke Miami!). 

L.A. continues to be a bastion, although the military are slowly recapturing the city block by block. The cartels have a very sophisticated air-defence grid that prevents anybody overflying, and anyone who goes in on foot.... generally doesn't come out...

At a press conference in part of "Free L.A." celebrating the recapture of several blocks, a key U.S. senator is snatched during a vicious assault by Cartel mercenaries.

Meanwhile, Snake has become a Bounty Hunter. He brings a wanted woman criminal out of a siege in the San Diego Art Gallery, blithely blowing up the place in the process. Bits of flaming Picassos are raining down around them...

A couple of guys ask to talk to him, but Snake isn't interested. They knock him out and bring him to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where Snake meets Rehme (Hauk has retired). Rehme explains the situation:

Castenada, the leader of the L.A. cartels has the Senator and is holding him hostage, threatening to kill him unless the government seize the land reclamation deal. The problem is, this Senator is vitally important in a Congressional vote that's going down next week. Without him, the military budget is going to be severely axed.

Rehme has already sent a team in to get the Senator back. They came out in little pieces. Snake could care less. He's about to go, when Rehme shows him a tape from the conference. The leader of the mercenaries was Snake's old pal, Fresno Bob. Rehme explains that Bob wasn't fried during the raid he and Snake made on the Federal Reserve. They offered him a deal into South America during the war. Bob accepted, but when he got there, turned on his team and killed them all.

Snake can't believe this. Bob was Black Light, Special Forces like himself. Even though Snake has no love for the Government, he can't believe that Bob would have gone working for scumbags like the Cartel. Snake accepts the assignment.

Snake goes to Dreamland (no U.F.O.s!), and hooks up with a Special Forces team, each of them just as nasty as Snake is. Encased inside powered exoarmour fighting suits, they're loaded inside Stealth Bombers, and sent to fly into L.A. Unfortunately, somebody has sold them out to the Cartel, who are waiting for them. Patriot missiles shoot down the first Stealth Bomber over Downtown L.A. (watched by Hob; Castenada's aide - a weird mute who wears welder's goggles and is lethal with a laser-guided bow and arrow), and the remaining team in the Second Stealth (including Snake) barely have time to deploy before that too is shot down.

After several adventures, Snake hooks up with the Special Forces team. They decide to leave their two remaining Exos there (as they're too conspicuous), and make their way across town to Castenada's H.Q. (a former rap artiste's mansion).

More adventures ensue, and they eventually make it into the sewer system via the L.A. subway. In a carefully coordinated raid (with the Special Forces guys knocking out the mansion defences while Snake gets inside using a Longrider Cloaking coat), everything goes wrong. Snake is captured, and brought before Castenada and Bob.

Snake confronts Bob, who has changed so much Snake barely recognizes him. In Castenada's mansion, Snake meets up with a hooker and the Senator (who is completely out of his head on drugs). Snake manages to escape, just as the remaining Special Forces guys stage an assault on the mansion with their Exoarmour. Unfortunately, Bob has recovered an Exo that Hob saw crash down in the L.A. county reservoir.

All hell breaks loose. Snake has to fight Hob, who gets away. Snake kills Castenada, but then flees when Bob attacks in the recovered Exo. (He grabs an armored Greyhound Bus and rams Bob against a wall. Bob is unharmed, and rips through the bus and keeps coming after Snake!).

Meanwhile, the Special Forces guys in their Exos knock out the L.A. defence grid, and Rehme sends in attack choppers. (Bob and one of the Special Forces Exo guys get into a vicious powersuit fight, with Bob coming out the victor.)

The hooker and Snake manage to get the Senator onto an evac chopper, but Bob keeps on coming in his Exo. (Bob goes mano-a-mano against a chopper!) Snake manages to make the Exo slip into the lake of Castenada's mansion, and with Bob trapped inside the crippled Exo with ruptured pressure seals, he drowns. Snake makes an escape, dangling from the bottom of a chopper as the mansion explodes violently. Hob appears at the top of a fiery tower, and Snake is a sitting duck. The hooker kills Hob with a pistol shot.

They arrive back in Free L.A., and the Senator and the Hooker are bundled into a limo. As Rehme talks to Snake, and the hooker is busy inspecting the goodies on offer in the limo, the drugged-up and abused Senator takes the pistol, and shoots himself in the head. Snake shakes his head as pandemonium breaks out. "Fucked again" he offers, before walking off into the night.

An Exclusive Interview with Peter Briggs