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Apocalypse 2013 (Los Angeles Times/Feb 04/1996) By Patrick Goldstein

For Russell, No Escape From His First Action Role (USA Today/Apr 06/1996/US) By Tom Green
Snake's Back In 'Escape From L.A.' (The Patriot News/Jul 15/1996/US) By Ian Spelling
Role Haunts Russell (The Calgary Sunday Sun/Jul 28/1996/CA) By Louis B. Hobson
Carpenter Build An Anything Goes Plot (Houston Chronicle/Aug 02/1996/US) By Lewis B. Parks
'Escape' Artist (San Antonio Express-News/Aug 02/1996/US) By Larry Ratliff
The Escape Artist (Chicago Sun Times/Aug 04/1996/US) By Bob Strauss
Here Snake Comes To Save The Day (Orange County Register/Aug 06/1996/US) By Barry Koltnow
'Escape' Sequel Looks To Bury L.A. (The Flint Journal/Aug 07/1996/US) By Ed Bradley
This 'Snake's' Not Trying To Be A Charmer (New York Daily News/Aug 07/1996/US) By Lewis Beale
Kurt Russell On Change, Video And His Role As Snake (USA Today/Aug 07/1996/US) By Jack Garner
Hissssssstory Repeats Itself (St. Paul Pioneer Press/Aug 08/1996/US) By Chris Hewitt
Carpenter Offers Another 'Escape' For Sci-Fi Fans (The Star Ledger/Aug 08/1996/US) By Allen Barra
Wacko President Hails From Virginia In 'Escape From L.A.' (The Virginian-Pilot/Aug 08/1996/US) By Mal Vincent
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Aug 09/1996/US) By Michael H. Price
'That Cool Bad' Guy Is Back (The Kansas City Star/Aug 09/1996/US) By Ward W. Triplett III
Apocalypse Here (Los Angeles Daily News/Aug 09/1996/US) By Bob Strauss
A Great Escape (The Morning Call/Aug 09/1996/US) By Paul Willistein
From Child Star To Action Hero (The Star-Ledger/Aug 09/1996/US) By Henry Cabot Beck
Crafty Carpenter Enjoys Own 'Escape' (The Tampa Tribune/Aug 09/1996/US) By Bob Ross
'Coolest Bad Guy' Snake Is Back (Houston Chronicle/Aug 10/1996/US) By Louis B. Parks
There's Simply No Escape From The L.A. Jokes (Los Angeles Times/Aug 10/1996/US) By Steven Smith
Carpenter Laughs At The Apocalypse In His Latest 'Escape' (The News Tribune/Aug 10/1996/US) By Soren Anderson
John Carpenter Indulges Himself With A Great 'Escape' (The Buffalo News/Aug 11/1996/US) By Jeff Simon
Carpenter Keeps Same Focus Regardless Of Film Budget (The Plain Dealer/Aug 11/1996/US) By Sheila Simmons
In 'Escape', Carpenter Sets His Rebellious Nature Free (USA Today/Aug 12/1996/US) By Elizabeth Snead

Escape From L.A. (Fangoria/Issue 153/Jun/1996/US) By Anthony C. Ferrante

Escape From L.A. (Cinefantastique/
Vol 27/Issue 11-12/Jul/1996/US) By Michael Beeler
Fires... Floods... Riots... Earthquakes... John Carpenter! (DGA/Jul-Aug/1996/US) By Ted Elrick

Escape From L.A. (Cinefantastique/
Vol 28/Issue 1/Aug/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Urban Renewal By Dean Lamanna/Riding The Wave (Cinescape/Vol 2/Issue 11/Aug/1996/US) By Ron Magid

The Getaway
(Entertainment Weekly/Issue 340/Aug 16/1996/US) By Tom Russo

To Live And Die In Escape From L.A./
Rick Baker Cuts Up (Fangoria/Issue 155/Aug/1996/US) By Anthony C. Ferrante

Escape From L.A. (Film Score Monthly/Issue 72/Aug/1996/US) By Daniel Schweiger

The Last Bad Boy (Sci-Fi Entertainment/Vol 3/Issue 2/Aug/1996/US) By Lisa Stone Maccarillo

Snake's Newest Escape (Starlog Yearbook/Vol 14/Aug/1996/US) By Marc Shapiro

Escape From L.A. (Tribute/Vol 13/Issue 5/Aug/1996/CA) By Jim Slotek

Escape Artists
By Michael X. Fererro/Effecting A New Escape By Ron Magid (American Cinematographer/Vol 77/Issue 9/Sep/1996/US)

Escape From L.A./Director John Carpenter/Costume Design/Production Design/Trashing Los Angeles (Cinefantastique/Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Hasta La Buena Vista (Cinefex/Issue 67/Sep/1996/US) By Mark Cotta Vaz

The Future Is Now (Cinescape/Vol 2/Issue 58/Sep-Oct/1996/US) By Ron Magid

Coming Back To Escape (Fangoria/Issue 156/Sep/1996/US) By
Anthony C. Ferrante

Escape From L.A.
(Infinity/Issue 2/Sep/1996/UK) By Randy Christian

The Great Escape (Melody Maker
/Vol 73/Issue 39/Sep 28/1996/UK) By Allan Jones

Getaway Out West! (New Musical Express/Sep 28/1996/UK) By Tommy Udo

Carpenter And Russell Reunite In The Eagerly Awaited Escape From L.A. (Science Fiction Age/Vol 4/Issue 6/Sep/1996/US) By Dan Perez

Escape Clause By
Robert Meyer Burnett/Levelling The Left Coast By Andrew O. Thompson (Sci-Fi Universe/Vol 3/Issue 1/Sep/1996/US)

Escape Artist (Starburst/Issue 217/Vol 19/Issue 1/Sep/1996/UK) By Alan Jones

Bad Man's World/Designing Escapes (Starlog/Issue 230/Sep/1996/US) By Marc Shapiro

John Carpenter (Dirigido/Issue 250/Oct/1996/ES) By Gabriel Lerman

Back In Snake's Skin (Fangoria/Issue 157/Oct/1996/US) By
Anthony C. Ferrante

Breaking Loose (Flicks/Vol 8/Issue 10/Oct/1996/UK) By James Cameron-Wilson

The Escapist (Juice/Issue 44/Oct/1996/AU) By Michele Manelis

Kurt Russell On The Pliss (Loaded/Issue 30/Oct/1996/UK) By Jane Garcia

The Year Of The Snake (Movie/Issue 5/Oct/1996/AU) By Robert Ward

Flucht Aus L.A. (Cinema/Issue 11/Nov/1996/DE) By Heiko Rosner

Snake Charmer (Empire/Issue 89/Nov/1996/UK) By Ian Nathan

Escape From L.A. (Impact/Issue 11/Nov/1996/UK)
By Michael Stradford

Los Angeles 2013/
Kurt Russell By Jean-Luc Vandiste/John Carpenter By Luc Lagier & Jean-Baptiste Thoret/George Corraface By Jean-Luc Vandiste (L'Ecran Fantastique/Issue 155/Nov/1996/FR)

Un Citoyen Au-dessus De Tout
Soupçon (Les Inrockuptibles/Issue 79/Nov 13-19/1996/FR) By Samuel Blumenfeld
(Also in: Mucchio/14-15 January/1997/IT)

Kurt Russell (M6 Cine Video/Issue 7/Nov-Dec/1996/FR) By Jean-Christophe Tur

Flucht Aus L.A. (MovieStar/Issue 22-23/Nov-Dec/1996/DE) By Markus Tschiedert

LA Story - Interview With John Carpenter
(SFX/Issue 18/Nov/1996/UK)

Los Angeles 2013/Les Effets Spéciaux/Entretien Avec John Stirber (S.F.X./Issue 40/Nov/1996/FR) By
Alain Bielik

Snake Eye (Starlog/Issue 232/Nov/1996/US) By Ian Spelling

John Carpenter 'A Propos De Los Angeles 2013/Kurt Russell Retrouve La Peau Du Héros De New York 1997 (Video 7/Issue 171/Nov/1996/FR) By Benjamin Janssens

Once A Snake... Kurt Russell Is Back In Snake's Clothes (Video Eyeball/Vol 2/Issue 6/Nov-Dec/1996/US) By Paul Sherman

Postcards From L.A. (Starburst Yearbook/Issue 30/Dec/1996/UK) By Simon Bacal

Joseph B. Mauceri Makes His Escape From L.A. With Director John Carpenter (World of Fandom/Vol 2/Issue 27/Summer/1996/US) By Joseph B. Mauceri

A Smoke Escape (Smoke/Issue 9/Fall/1996/US) By Dennis Hunt
John Carpenter AOL Chat (

John Carpenter Especie En Extincion (Invasion!/Issue 7/1996/ES) By Antonio Trashorras

Intervista John Carpenter Su "Fuga Da Los Angeles" (Mucchio/14-15 January/1997/IT) By Samuel Blumenfeld
(Also in:
Les Inrockuptibles/Issue 79/Nov 13-19/1996/FR)

Escape From L.A. - Snake's Alive (Screens/Apr/1997/UK)

Point Blank: John Carpenter The Total Film Interview (Total Film/Issue 4/May/1997/UK) By Stephen Applebaum

Seeing With Snake Eyes (Talking Pictures/Issue 18/Spring/1997/UK) By Carol Allen

Patchy Performer?/A Tale Of Two Cities (TV & Satellite Week/Apr 25-May 01/1998/UK)

Los Angeles 2013 By Jean-Michel Dupont/Kurt Russell By Cyrille Giraud/John Carpenter By Jean-Baptiste Thoret/L.A.: K.O. By Pascal Pinteau/New York 1997 Los Angeles 2013 By Jean-Baptiste Thoret/Comment Un Film En Cache Un Autre By Jean-Baptiste Thoret (M6 Fantastique/Issue 12/Oct/1998/FR)

John Carpenter Interview (DougieThompson)
Frightening Similarity Between W. Bush & The President In 'Escape From L.A.' (PDF)
By David McMillan, Lynn Schroehmann, Gwen Stanzel & Tom Gathe (Dec/2004)
John Carpenter Tribute At The Aero Theater: 'Escape From New York' & 'Escape From L.A.' (PDF)
(Associated Content: Jun/2008) By Ben Kenber

Snake Plissken, Psychic? How Accurate Is 'Escape From L.A.'s Vision Of 2013? (Movies: 09/01/2013) By Amy Nicholson
John Carpenter And Kurt Russell Reunited - Exclusive: On The Thing, Snake And More (Empire Online: 26/05/2013) By Chris Hewitt
"Snake Doesn't Want To Hang Out With You." (SnakePlissken.De: 08/06/2016) By Alexander Büttner & Kai-Oliver Derks
HDTGM: A Conversation with Coleman Luck, Original Screenwriter Of 'Escape From L.A.' (Slash Film: 20/01/2017) By Blake Harris


Is The Snake Plissken From 'Escape From L.A.' More Cruel Than The Snake Plissken From 'Escape From New York'?
By Mohammad A. Khan
Snake Plissken Should Not Die With Kurt Russell (PDF) By Mohammad A. Khan
Analysis Of The Main Character In Escape From New York, LA (PDF) (Associated Content: Dec/2007) By T39