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The Great 'Escape'? (New York Daily News/Jan 11/1996/US) By A.J. Benza & Michael Lewittes
Apocalypse 2013 (The Los Angeles Times/Feb 04/1996) By Patrick Goldstein
For Russell, No Escape From His First Action Role (USA Today/Apr 06/1996/US) By Tom Green
Mark and Brian Get Bits From Kurt Russell (Arizona Daily Star/May 15/1996/US) By Fred Shuster
Snake's Back In 'Escape From L.A.' (The Patriot News/Jul 15/1996/US) By Ian Spelling
Role Haunts Russell (The Calgary Sunday Sun/Jul 28/1996/CA) By Louis B. Hobson
Carpenter Build An Anything Goes Plot (Houston Chronicle/Aug 02/1996/US) By Lewis B. Parks
'Escape' Artist (San Antonio Express-News/Aug 02/1996/US) By Larry Ratliff
The Escape Artist (Chicago Sun Times/Aug 04/1996/US) By Bob Strauss
'Escape' Premise Absurd (The Sentinel/Aug 04/1996/US) By Scott Collins
Here Snake Comes To Save The Day (Orange County Register/Aug 06/1996/US) By Barry Koltnow
'Escape' Sequel Looks To Bury L.A. (The Flint Journal/Aug 07/1996/US) By Ed Bradley
This 'Snake's' Not Trying To Be A Charmer (New York Daily News/Aug 07/1996/US) By Lewis Beale
Kurt Russell On Change, Video And His Role As Snake (USA Today/Aug 07/1996/US) By Jack Garner
Hissssssstory Repeats Itself (St. Paul Pioneer Press/Aug 08/1996/US) By Chris Hewitt
From Elvis To Snake: Kurt Plays 'Em All (The Province/Aug 08/1996/CA) By Damian Inwood
Carpenter Offers Another 'Escape' For Sci-Fi Fans (The Star Ledger/Aug 08/1996/US) By Allen Barra
Wacko President Hails From Virginia In 'Escape From L.A.' (The Virginian-Pilot/Aug 08/1996/US) By Mal Vincent
Escapist Entertainment (Winnipeg Free Press/Aug 08/1996/CA) By Lindor Reynolds
Kurt Is Back In Snake's Original Threads (Calgary Herald/Aug 09/1996/CA) By Kirstie McLellan
Shake, Rattle And Roll (Fort Worth Star-Telegram/Aug 09/1996/US) By Michael H. Price
Apocalypse Here (Los Angeles Daily News/Aug 09/1996/US) By Bob Strauss
From Disney Moppet To High-Paid Leading Man (San Pedro News-Pilot/Aug 09/1996/US) By Joey Berlin and Jeff Shore
Russell Shines Through Numerous Movie Roles (The Daily Oklahoman/Aug 09/1996/US) By Bobby Rockel
Snake Plissken Returns For More In New 'Escape' (The Herald-News/Aug 09/1996/US) By Winnie Bonelli
'That Cool Bad' Guy Is Back (The Kansas City Star/Aug 09/1996/US) By Ward W. Triplett III
A Great Escape (The Morning Call/Aug 09/1996/US) By Paul Willistein
From Child Star To Action Hero (The Star-Ledger/Aug 09/1996/US) By Henry Cabot Beck
Crafty Carpenter Enjoys Own 'Escape' (The Tampa Tribune/Aug 09/1996/US) By Bob Ross
Russell's In A Venomous Mood (The Windsor Star/Aug 09/1996/CA) By Jamie Portman
'Coolest Bad Guy' Snake Is Back (Houston Chronicle/Aug 10/1996/US) By Louis B. Parks
There's Simply No Escape From The L.A. Jokes (The Los Angeles Times/Aug 10/1996/US) By Steven Smith
Carpenter Laughs At The Apocalypse In His Latest 'Escape' (The News Tribune/Aug 10/1996/US) By Soren Anderson
John Carpenter Indulges Himself With A Great 'Escape' (The Buffalo News/Aug 11/1996/US) By Jeff Simon
Carpenter Keeps Same Focus Regardless Of Film Budget (The Plain Dealer/Aug 11/1996/US) By Sheila Simmons
In 'Escape', Carpenter Sets His Rebellious Nature Free (USA Today/Aug 12/1996/US) By Elizabeth Snead
The Reprehensible VS. The Righteous: A Cinematic Battle (Southern Illinoisan/Aug 24/1996/US) By Steve Rabey
Escape From Typecasting Resentment (The Herald-Palladium/Aug 25/1996/US) By Douglas J. Rowe
Dystopian Dremin': L.A. Goes To Pieces (again) (LA Weekly/Aug 29/1996/US) By David L. Ulin

Escape From L.A. (Fangoria/Issue 153/Jun/1996/US) By Anthony C. Ferrante

Escape From L.A. (Cinefantastique/
Vol 27/Issue 11-12/Jul/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Fires... Floods... Riots... Earthquakes... John Carpenter! (DGA/Jul-Aug/1996/US) By Ted Elrick

Escape From L.A. (Cinefantastique/
Vol 28/Issue 1/Aug/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Urban Renewal By Dean Lamanna/Riding The Wave By Ron Magid (Cinescape/Vol 2/Issue 11/Aug/1996/US)

The Great Escape (Details/Vol 15/Issue 3/Aug/1996/US) By Stephen Saban

The Getaway
(Entertainment Weekly/Issue 340/Aug 16/1996/US) By Tom Russo

To Live And Die In Escape From L.A./
Rick Baker Cuts Up (Fangoria/Issue 155/Aug/1996/US) By Anthony C. Ferrante

Escape From L.A. (Film Score Monthly/Issue 72/Aug/1996/US) By Daniel Schweiger

Make Or Breakout
(Flicks/Vol 9/Issue 8/Aug/1996/UK)

The Last Bad Boy (Sci-Fi Entertainment/Vol 3/Issue 2/Aug/1996/US) By Lisa Stone Maccarillo

Snake's Newest Escape (Starlog Yearbook/Vol 14/Aug/1996/US) By Marc Shapiro

Escape From L.A. (Tribute/Vol 13/Issue 5/Aug/1996/CA) By Jim Slotek

Escape Artists
By Michael X. Fererro/Effecting A New Escape By Ron Magid (American Cinematographer/Vol 77/Issue 9/Sep/1996/US)

Escape From L.A./Director John Carpenter/Costume Design/Production Design/Trashing Los Angeles (Cinefantastique/Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Hasta La Buena Vista (Cinefex/Issue 67/Sep/1996/US) By Mark Cotta Vaz

The Future Is Now (Cinescape/Vol 2/Issue 58/Sep-Oct/1996/US) By Ron Magid

Coming Back To Escape (Fangoria/Issue 156/Sep/1996/US) By
Anthony C. Ferrante

Snake Bites/Wild Thang (Flicks/Vol 9/Issue 9/Sep/1996/UK) By Quentin Falk

Escape From L.A.
(Infinity/Issue 2/Sep/1996/UK) By Randy Christian

The Great Escape (Melody Maker
/Vol 73/Issue 39/Sep 28/1996/UK) By Allan Jones

Getaway Out West! (New Musical Express/Sep 28/1996/UK) By Tommy Udo

Carpenter And Russell Reunite In The Eagerly Awaited Escape From L.A. (Science Fiction Age/Vol 4/Issue 6/Sep/1996/US) By Dan Perez

Escape Clause By
Robert Meyer Burnett/Levelling The Left Coast By Andrew O. Thompson (Sci-Fi Universe/Vol 3/Issue 1/Sep/1996/US)

Escape Artist (Starburst/Issue 217/Vol 19/Issue 1/Sep/1996/UK) By Alan Jones

Bad Man's World/Designing Escapes (Starlog/Issue 230/Sep/1996/US) By Marc Shapiro

Back In Snake's Skin (Fangoria/Issue 157/Oct/1996/US) By
Anthony C. Ferrante

Seeing With Snake Eyes (Extended) (Talking Pictures/Issue 18/Summer/1996/UK) By Carol Allen

Joseph B. Mauceri Makes His Escape From L.A. With Director John Carpenter (World of Fandom/Vol 2/Issue 27/Summer/1996/US) By Joseph B. Mauceri

Breaking Loose (Flicks/Vol 9/Issue 10/Oct/1996/UK) By James Cameron-Wilson

The Escapist (Juice/Issue 44/Oct/1996/AU) By Michele Manelis

Kurt Russell On The Pliss (Loaded/Issue 30/Oct/1996/UK) By Jane Garcia

The Year Of The Snake (Movie/Issue 5/Oct/1996/AU) By Robert Ward

Snake Charmer (Empire/Issue 89/Nov/1996/UK) By Ian Nathan

Escape From L.A. (Impact/Issue 11/Nov/1996/UK)
By Michael Stradford

LA Story - Interview With John Carpenter
(SFX/Issue 18/Nov/1996/UK)

Snake Eye (Starlog/Issue 232/Nov/1996/US) By Ian Spelling

Once A Snake... Kurt Russell Is Back In Snake's Clothes (Video Eyeball/Vol 2/Issue 6/Nov-Dec/1996/US) By Paul Sherman

A Smoke Escape (Smoke/Issue 9/Fall/1996/US) By Dennis Hunt

Postcards From L.A. (Starburst Yearbook/Issue 30/Dec/1996/UK) By Simon Bacal

Great Escape (Action Heroes/Vol 2/Issue 1/1996/US) By Lia Pelosi & Marc Shapiro

Escape From L.A. - Snake's Alive (Screens/Apr/1997/UK)

Short Interview With Kurt Russell (Neon/Issue 5/May/1997/UK) By Anwar Brett

Point Blank: John Carpenter The Total Film Interview (Total Film/Issue 4/May/1997/UK) By Stephen Applebaum

Patchy Performer?/A Tale Of Two Cities (TV & Satellite Week/Apr 25-May 01/1998/UK)

Snake Charmers (Empire/Issue 287/May/2013/UK) By Chris Hewitt

Carpenter Escapes Authority In 'L.A.' (CNN/Aug 23/1996) By Dennis Michael
John Carpenter AOL Interview (America Online/1996)
John Carpenter AOL Interview (The Dominion/1996)

Frightening Similarity Between W. Bush & The President In 'Escape From L.A.'
(Celtic Soup Editorials/Dec 27/2004) By David McMillan, Lynn Schroehmann, Gwen Stanzel & Tom Gathe
John Carpenter Tribute At The Aero Theater: 'Escape From New York' & 'Escape From L.A.'
(Associated Content/Jun 16/2008) By Ben Kenber

Snake Plissken, Psychic? How Accurate Is 'Escape From L.A.'s Vision Of 2013? (Movies/Jan 09/2013) By Amy Nicholson
John Carpenter And Kurt Russell Reunited - Exclusive: On 'The Thing', Snake And More (Empire Online/May 26/2013) By Chris Hewitt
"Snake Doesn't Want To Hang Out With You." (SnakePlissken.De/Jun 08/2016) By Alexander B├╝ttner & Kai-Oliver Derks
HDTGM: A Conversation with Coleman Luck, Original Screenwriter Of 'Escape From L.A.' (Slash Film/Jan 01/2017) By Blake Harris
How Reality Turned John Carpenter's 'Escape From L.A.' Into A Horror Movie (Bloody Disgusting/Mar 30/2021) By Marcus Shorter
Why 'Escape From L.A.' Actually Owns (Collider/Jul 27/2021) By Liam Gaughan
'Escape From L.A.' At 25: Bruce Campbell Revisits Creepy Cameo While Marveling How Film's Satire Became Reality
(Hollywood Reporter/Aug 09/2021) By Ryan Parker