Press > Escape From L.A. > Exclusive Interviews

John Carpenter [

Stacy Keach [Malloy]

Valeria Golino [Taslima]

Georges Corraface [Cuervo Jones]

Leland Orser [Test Tube]

Edward A. Warschilka [Editor]

Robin Michel Bush [Costume Designer]

Peter Jason [Duty Sergeant]

Jordan Baker [Police Anchor]

Shelly Desai [Cloaked Figure]

William Luduena [Mescalito]

Mark Thompson [Guard] [Uncredited]

Johnny Torres [Extra]

John Sencio [Extra]

Michael Dawson [Extra]

John Casino [Stunt Player]

David Witz [Unit Production Manager]

Christian P. Della Penna [First Assistant Director]

Martin Jedlicka
[Second Assistant Director]

Jeffrey Berk [Production Coordinator]

Leo Napolitano [Camera Operator]

Jerome Fauci [
Camera Operator] [Uncredited]

Mark J. Coyne [Second Assistant Photographer]

Robert Zuckerman [Still Photographer]

Jason Roberts [Second Second Assistant Director]

Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. [Set Designer]

Fireball Tim [Illustrator]

Joseph Musso [Illustrator]

Gina DeDomenico
[Illustrator] [Uncredited]

Mauritz Pavoni [Production Assistant]

Brian Keeney
[Visual Effects Coordinator]

Les Bernstien [Visual Effects Director Of Photography]

Jeff Pyle [Car Model Crew Chief]

Joey "Deluxe" Enyart [Modeler]

Larry Jolly [Miniature Helicopter]

Rick Lazzarini [Hang Glider Puppets] [Uncredited]

Karl Fornander [Gunfire Animation And Compositing]

Paul Taglianetti [Video Supervisor]

Nina Saxon [Title Designer]

Kevin J. Gorman [Director: The Making Of Escape From L.A. - Snake Is Back]

Greg Gorman [Portrait Photographer]

Coleman Luck [Commissioned Script Writer]

Peter Briggs [
Speculative Script Writer]


Andreas Johansson [Webmaster: The Escape From New York & L.A. Page]

Chris .R. Notarile [Director: Escape From Big Trouble In Little Jersey & Escape From New Jersey]

Hector De La Rosa [Snake Plissken: Escape From New Jersey]

Hector De La Rosa [Snake Plissken/Director: The Escape Agenda]

Gayle Bykowicz [Webmaster: Snake VS. Solid Snake]

Titania Le Fay [Webmaster: Call Me Snake/Fan Fiction Writer]

Kai-Oliver Derks & Alexander B├╝ttner [Media Consultants]