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AKA: John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.
Year: 1996
Runtime: 101 min
Country: USA
Language: English
Australia: M/Canada: 14A/Finland: K-16 (video premiere)/Germany: 16 (w)/Netherlands: 12/Norway: 15/Portugal: M/12/Spain: 18/UK: 15/USA: R/Canada: 13+(Quebec)/Singapore: PG

Filming Dates
December 11, 1995 - March 20, 1996

Copyright Holder
Paramount Pictures 1996

In the year 2000, a massive earthquake devastates southern California and Los Angeles is torn from the mainland and isolated as an island. A right-wing President uses the island of L.A. as a dumping ground for those who don't meet up to the high moral standards he has imposed on the country. Thirteen years later, terrorist Cuervo Jones brainwashes the President's daughter, Utopia, and has her steal a secret super-weapon. With Jones and Utopia hiding out in L.A., Snake Plissken is again forced back into action to get the weapon back.

Snake Is Back
Plan Your Escape
The man with the patch has escaped N.Y., try L.A. in the apocalypse

Poster Tags
Snake is Back
Plan Your Escape

Technical Specifications
Film negative format (mm/video inches): 35 mm
Cinematographic process: Panavision (anamorphic)
Printed film format: 35 mm
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Color: Color (DeLuxe)
Sound Mix: Dolby

Business Data
$50,000,000 (Estimated)
Opening Weekend: $8,912,557 (USA) (11 August, 1996) (2,312 Screens)

$25,477,365 (USA) (17 November, 1996)
$25,407,250 (USA) (10 November, 1996)
$25,329,895 (USA) (03 November, 1996)
$25,164,531 (USA) (27 October, 1996)
$24,940,101 (USA) (06 October, 1996)
$24,901,770 (USA) (29 September, 1996)
$24,828,263 (USA) (22 September, 1996)
$24,723,832 (USA) (15 September, 1996)
$24,321,918 (USA) (08 September, 1996)
$23,695,941 (USA) (01 September, 1996)
$21,281,286 (USA) (25 August, 1996)
$17,106,662 (USA) (18 August, 1996)
$8,912,557 (USA) (11 August, 1996)
£842,883 (UK) (20 October, 1996)
£754,384 (UK) (13 October, 1996)
$42,277,365 (Worldwide) (1997)
$16,800,000 (Non-USA)
AUD 1,107,658 (Australia) (31 October, 1996)
HKD 1,296,735 (Hong Kong) (1996)
ITL 2,441,603,000 (Italy) (1996)
¥131,401,000 (Japan) (08 December, 1996)
¥9,040,640 (Japan) (01 December, 1996)

267,987 (France) (03 December, 1996)
145,135 (Germany) (03 November, 1996)
21,290 (Netherlands) (31 December, 1997)
21,201 (Netherlands) (01 January, 1997)
69,972 (Portugal) (21 November, 1996)
55,734 (Portugal) (14 November, 1996)
36,304 (Portugal) (07 November, 1996)

Release Dates
Canada: 09 August, 1996
USA: 09 August, 1996 (
Premiere: August 7, 1996)
France: 06 September, 1996 (Deauville Film Festival)
UK: 20 September, 1996
Ireland: 20 September, 1996
Iceland: 24 September, 1996
Australia: 10 October, 1996
Hong Kong: 10 October, 1996
Spain: 16 October, 1996
Argentina: 17 October, 1996
South Africa: 25 October, 1996
Germany: 31 October, 1996
Portugal: 01 November, 1996
Netherlands: 07 November, 1996
Belgium: 13 November, 1996
France: 13 November, 1996
Switzerland: 15 November, 1996 (German speaking region)
Switzerland: 15 November, 1996 (French speaking region)
Czech Republic: 21 November, 1996
Japan: 23 November, 1996
Greece: 26 November, 1996
Poland: 29 November, 1996
Italy: December, 1996 (Noir in Festival)
Turkey: 13 December, 1996
Italy: 20 December, 1996
Switzerland: 17 January, 1997 (Italian speaking region)
Sweden: April, 1997 (Video Premiere)
Norway: 23 April, 1997 (Video Premiere)
Hungary: 29 July, 1997 (Video Premiere)
France: January, 1999 (Travelling Festival de Cinema de Rennes)
Italy: November, 1999 (Turin Film Festival)
USA: 24 June, 2007 (Los Angeles Film Festival)

Awards and Nominations
1997, Production Design - Fantasy: Lawrence G. Paull (Fennecus Award)
1997, Best Costumes:  Robin Michel Bush (Saturn Award) (Nominated)
1997, Best Science Fiction Film (Saturn Award) (Nominated)

Alternate Titles
Argentina: Fuga de Los Angeles
Flucht aus L.A.
Brazil: Fuga de Los Angeles
Бягство от Ел Ей
Canada (French Title): Los Angeles 2013
Croatia: Bijeg Iz Los Anglesea
Czech Republic
: Útek z L.A.
Flugtaktion Los Angeles
Finland: Pako L.A:sta
France: Los Angeles 2013
Germany: Flucht aus L.A.
Greece: Απόδραση από το Λος Άντζελες
Hungary: Menekülés
Los Angelesből
Israel: Briha M'Los Angeles (Hebrew Title)
Italy: Fuga da Los Angeles
Korea: LA에서 탈출
Macedonia: Бегство од L.A.
Escape mill L.A.
Mexico: Escape de Los Angeles
Norway: Flugten Fra L.A.
Poland: Ucieczka z Los Angeles
Portugal: Fuga de Los Angeles
Evadare din Los Angeles
Russia: побег из Лос-Анджелеса
Serbia: Bekstvo iz Los Andjelesa
Útek z L.A.
Pobeg iz Los Angelesa
Spain: 2013: Rescate en L.A.
Sweden: Flykten från L.A.
Turkey: Los Angeles'tan Kaçis
втечу з Лос-Анджелеса
US: John Carpenter's Escape from L.A. (Complete Title)
Venezuela: Escape de Los Angeles
Vietnam: Thoát khỏi Los Angeles

Errors made by characters (possibly deliberate errors by the filmmakers): When Brazen showed the hologram of Utopia hijacking the plane; Brazen said 1140 hundred hours (military time for 11:40 am), when you look out the windows, it is night time.

Factual errors: The submarine should not disappear off the monitoring screens just because it fell back into the water.

Continuity: The wristwatch counter shows 6 hours 59 minutes. Then he is told he has seven and a half hours left.

Continuity: When Snake first encounters Cuervo in his limousine, his head tracks at three times the speed of Cuervo's car.

Factual errors: No matter what the technology, an electromagnetic pulse will not damage a battery, as is claimed in the film.

Continuity: When Snake is attempting his fifth shot at the basket, the automatic timer shows 3 seconds twice.

Continuity: During the fight after the basketball game, Cuervo drops the black box twice.

Continuity: The size of the dot that Map of the Stars Eddie paints on the disk changes.

Continuity: When Snake approaches the Happy Kingdom amusement park on the hang glider (with the others) the sun is just coming up. Half an hour later (in the story), when Snake makes it off LA, it is dead of night.

Continuity: In the final fight scene between Snake and Cuervo, Cuervo's knife disappears occasionally from the ground.

Revealing mistakes: When Snake is making his escape from Anaheim in the chopper, you can see the shadow of the wing-rotor blades under the body of the helicopter from a light source below it.

Continuity: Near the end of the movie when Snake is escaping in the helicopter Cuervo's bazooka is empty. You can see through barrel. Then four seconds later the bazooka fires.

Revealing mistakes: During the climactic battle scene, when Steve Buscemi's character is hanging off the helicopter, several stores are visible in the matte shot behind him. One of the prominent buildings is clearly marked "Miniatures", a reference to the filmmaking technique.

Revealing mistakes: Snake's "hologram" casts a shadow on the grass.