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St. Louis To Stand In For Manhattan In Movie (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jun 15/1980/US) By Linda Eardley
Strike May Stop Filming Here (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jul 31/1980/US)
Why St. Louis? Well, It's Cheaper (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Aug 03/1980/US) By Joe Pollack
Film Strike Chokes Off City Backlot Business (New York Daily News/Aug 06/1980/US) By Bruce Smith
Everyone Wants To Get In The Act (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Aug 07/1980/US) By Jeff Meyers
'Crashed' Plane On Vacant City Lot Is Nothing But A Movie's 'Prop' Jet (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Aug 08/1980/US) By Juli Cragg
The Crazies: Anything To Get In Pictures (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Aug 24/1980/US) By Jeff Meyers
Wrecked Like New York (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Aug 27/1980/US) By Fred Blumenthal
Old Bridge Used For Filming 'Escape' (Granite City Press-Record/Aug 28/1980/US)

$500 Reward (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Sep 07/1980/US)
Just For Variety (Daily Variety/Sep 25/1980/US) By Army Archard
'Escape' Gives Us Liberty (New York Times/Oct 04/1980/US) By Dan Yakir
A Grim Vision Of 1997 New York (Regina Leader-Post/Oct 09/1980/US) By Bob Thomas
'Escape From N.Y.' Has All-Night Finale At Statue Of Liberty (Daily Variety/Oct 15/1980/US) 
Carpenter, Hill Plan 'Clue' After N.Y. 'Escape' (The Hollywood Reporter/Oct 23/1980/US) By Sharon Lee Dobuler
On Location (The Hollywood Reporter/Oct 24/1980/US) By Robert Osborne
Carpenter Gets Much From Little (The Los Angeles Times/Nov 16/1980/US) By Donald Chase
Premiere Films Chosen For Festival (The Shreveport Journal/Mar 18/1981/US)
Drive-In Part Of Premiere (The Hanford Sentinel/May 23/1981/US)
How About The Big Apple As Our National Slammer? (Detroit Free Press/May 29/1981/US) By Jim Fitzgerald
New Glick Takes Polish Off Big Apple (New York Daily News/Jun 05/1981/US) By Don Singleton
'Escape' Gets A Ticket (New York Daily News/Jun 13/1981/US) By Claudia Cohen
New Role Gives Kurt Russell New Look (Newport Daily Press/Jun 14/1981/US) By Henry Edgar
Money Fight In Filming (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jun 28/1981/US) By Joe Pollack
Isaac Hayes Learned 'Thinking Mean' In The Ghetto (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jul 05/1981/US) By Dick Richmond
How Low Can You Go? (And Beyond) Anti-Hero (The Philadelphia Inquirer/Jul 05/1981/US) By Desmond Ryan
A Matter Of Survival (St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Jul 08/1981/US) By Jeff Meyers
Isaac Hayes: Beyond Black Tights And Chains (The Pittsburgh Press/Jul 09/1981/US) By Jim Davidson
Hayes' Flight Takes Him Home (Detroit Free Press/Jul 10/1981/US) By Danton Wilson
Futuristic 'Escape'-Ism Captures NY (The Herald-News/Jul 10/1981/US) By Tom Sullivan
Her Obvious Assets Pay Off (The Record/Jul 10/1981/US) By Lou Lumenick
Kurt Russell's 'Escape' To Stardom (The Morning News/Jul 12/1981/US) By Harry F. Themal
Kurt Russell Makes His Escape From Walt Disney Movies (Detroit Free Press/Jul 16/1981/US) By Jack Mathews
Russell's 'Escape From New York' (The Daily Advertiser/Jul 21/1981/US) By Bob Thomas
Easier Than Baseball (The Paducah Sun/Jul 22/1981/US) By Richard Freedman
Isaac Hayes: The Composer, Performer Really Wants To Do Movies (The Evening Sun/Jul 23/1981/US) By Lou Cedrone
Kurt Russell: Lean, Mean In A New Thriller (Chicago Tribune/Jul 26/1981/US) By Larry Kart
Debra Over Filmland Barrier With Thriller (The Indianapolis News/Aug 01/1981/US) By David Mannweiler
Star Is Critic Of All Screen Violence (The Desert Sun/Aug 07/1981/US) By Nancy Anderson
The Carpenter-Hill Team - Less Is Definitely More (The Salt Lake Tribune/Aug 09/1981/US) By Terry Orme
Convict Runs Away While The Guard Watches 'Escape From New York' (Times-Advocate/Aug 09/1981/US)
In Hollywood, Detroit Is Not A Sore Subject (Detroit Free Press/Aug 11/1981/US)
Mob Terrorizes Patrons At Carson Drive-In Movie (San Pedro News-Pilot/Aug 18/1981/US) By Bob Jones
Hayes Pleased With "Escape" (The Atlanta Constitution/Aug 24/1981/US) By Joseph Litch
Work Is Her Escape (Nanaimo Daily News/Aug 25/1981/US) By Gregg Kilday
Between Takes (The Morning Call/Sep 12/1981/US) By Dale Schneck

Film Fear: Three Directors Darkly: John Carpenter (Prevue 43/Vol 2/Issue 3/Nov-Dec/1980/US)

High Adventures In The Future (Starlog/Issue 41/Dec/1980/US) By Steve Swires

Escape From New York (Cinefantastique/Vol 10/Issue 4/Apr/1981/US) By George Turner

Escape From New York (Rod Sterling's Twilight Zone/Vol 1/Issue 1/Apr/1981/US)

On The Set With 'Escape From New York' (Starlog/Issue 45/Apr/1981/US) By Samuel J. Maronie

Escape From New York/
The Making Of Escape (Prevue 45/Vol 2/Issue 5/May/1981/US) By Ken Bruzenak

'Forbidden Planet' To 'Escape From New York' (Starlog/Issue 46/May/1981/US) By Samuel J. Maronie

Escape From New York (Millimeter/Jun/1981/US) By Three Tylor

Escape From New York (International Photographer/Vol 53/Issue 7/Jul/1981/US)

A Snake's Progress (SoHo News/Vol 8/Issue 42/Jul 15-21/1981/US) By Seth Cagin

Starlog Interview: John Carpenter (Starlog/Issue 48/Jul/1981/US) By Steve Swires

Escape From New York (Marquee/Vol 1/Issue 1/Aug/1981/US) By Larry Lankford

Escape From New York (Movie News/Vol 17/Issue 4/Aug-Sep/1981/AU)

Interview: Kurt Russell (Rona Barrett's Hollywood/Vol 12/Issue 11/Aug/1981/US) By Arthur Stern

A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 1
(Starburst/36/Vol 3/Issue 12/Aug/1981/UK) By Tony Crawley

Escape From New York (Starburst Poster Magazine/Vol 1/Issue 2/1981/UK) By Phil Edwards

The Stars Of
'Escape From New York' Kurt Russell & Adrienne Barbeau (Starlog/Issue 49/Aug/1981/US) By Steve Swires

One-Eyed Snake (US/Issue 112/Aug 04/1981/US) By Dan Yakir

John Carpenter's Escape From New York (Chillers/Vol 2/Issue 9/Sep/1981/US)

Corman's Cut-Rate FX
(Cinefantastique/Vol 11/Issue 3/Sep/1981/US) By Bob Villard

Kurt Russell Rides A New Wave In 'Escape' Film (Circus Magazine/Issue 259/Sep 30/1981/US) By Richard Hogan

Escape From New York (Continental Film and Video Review/347/Vol 26/Issue 11/Sep/1981/UK)

Panatar Lenses And Computerized Fire Effects In Escape From New York (Filmmakers/Vol 14/Issue 13/Sep/1981/US) By Donald Chase

A Starburst Interview With John Carpenter Part 2 (Starburst/37/Vol 4/Issue 1/Sep/1981/UK) By Tony Crawley

Escape From New York (Films Illustrated/Vol 11/Issue 121/Oct/1981/UK)

Escape From New York (Fantastic Films/Issue 26/Nov/1981/US) By Blake Mitchell & Jim Ferguson

Escape From New York (Future Life/Issue 30/Nov/1981/US) By Ed Naha

Escape From New York (Miriad/Issue 5/Autumn/1981/US) By Kevin Davies

John Carpenter And His Escape From New York (Cinema Odyssey/Vol 1/Issue 1/US) By C.J. Henderson

Escape From New York By Nazir A. Ali/Soundtracking On E.F.N.Y. By Jason Sidwell (The John Carpenter File!/Issue 5/1988/UK) (Fanzine)

Retrospectre: Escape From New York/EFNY Author Mike McQuay On A Guy Named Snake (Pharr Out!/Issue 1/1994/US) By Kim August

Filming The Original
(Cinefantastique/Vol 28/Issue 2/Sep/1996/US) By Michael Beeler

Hideo Kojima At The Movies: Escape From New York (Official PlayStation 2 Magazine/Issue 28/Christmas/2002/UK) By Hideo Kojima

Snake Charmers (Empire/Issue 287/May/2013/UK) By Chris Hewitt

Interview With John Carpenter: On The Tools Of His Trade (Barnes & Nobel/Dec 09/2003)
Scene Anatomy 101: 'Escape From New York'
(411mania/Jun 06/2007) By George H. Sirois
John Carpenter Tribute At The Aero Theater: 'Escape From New York' & 'Escape From L.A.'
(Associated Content/Jun 16/2008) By Ben Kenber
An Interview With Kim Gottlieb-Walker
(I Heard You Were Dead: Snake Plissken Fan Site/Jul/2008) By Kim August
Survival Of The Streets - Snake Plissken, The Cro-Mags, And The Persistence Of Megatoilet Nostalgia (Vice/Sep 01/2009) By Sam McPheeters
A Snake In The Grass: 'Escape From New York' Noir Fusion (Sinamatic salve-ation/Feb 02/2011) By Sinaphile
Barbeau Talks 'Escape From New York' (TimesOnline/Nov 11/2011) By Scott Tady
VFX Veteran John Wash Details His Early Computer Animation Work On 'Halloween III' And Beyond
John Carpenter And Kurt Russell Reunited - Exclusive: On 'The Thing', Snake And More (Empire Online/Mar 26/2013) By Chris Hewitt
Kurt Russell Talks About Shooting 'Escape From New York' At The EW CapeTown Film Fest; Plus His Thoughts On The Remake
(Collider/May 05/2013) By
Michelle Carlbert
John Carpenter Talks About 'Escape From New York' Then And Now (The Wall Street Journal/July 14/2013) By Bruce Bennett
Left-Wing Fantasy 'Escape From New York' Turned Out To Be So, So Wrong About Everything
(New York Post/Mar 24/2016) By Kyle Smith
"Snake Doesn't Want To Hang Out With You." (SnakePlissken.De/Jun 08/2016) By Alexander
Büttner & Kai-Oliver Derks
Dean Cundey ASC: Restoring Escape From New York (British Cinematographer/Sep 18/2019) By Kevin Hilton
Criticism Of Society And Politics Portrayed In 'Escape From New York'
(Nov 05/2019) By Maren Büttner
'Escape From New York' Star Adrienne Barbeau On Playing A Kick-Ass Action Hero And How Teenage J.J. Abrams Changed The Ending
(Variety/Jul 09/2021) By Matthew Chernov
'Escape From New York' At 40: John Carpenter Rebelling Against The System (The Guardian/Jul 10/2021) By Scott Tobias
The Legacy Of John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York' (Den Of Geek/Jul 10/2021) By Don Kaye
'Escape From New York' At 40: How Those 'CG' Glider Graphics Were Actually Achieved With Physical Models (BeforeAndAfters/Jul 12/2021) By Ian Failes
How Debra Hill Helped Make 'Halloween' And 'Escape From New York' Genre Classics (Collider/Oct 26/2021) By Spencer Whitworth

Unpublished Articles

Interview With Kurt Russell (Starburst/Unknown Year/UK) By Whitney Scott Bain