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Escape From New York Movie Tie-In Novel (PDF) (28.8 MB)

Description: 1997: In an America ravaged by war and gutted by riots and social collapse, "Snake" Plissken was the deadliest man alive. Ex-soldier, Ex-hero, Outlaw, Snake was so slippery no trap could catch him, no jail could hold him. Then he was set up, betrayed captured. They sent him into the ultimate prison: New York City. A penal colony 12 miles long and two miles wide. An urban jungle where men had become things and only the the most brutal survived. But they gave him one shot at freedom. Somewhere in that cesspool of humanity was the President of the United States. Snake had twenty-four hours to find him. The rest was easy. He just had to get out alive.

Written By: Mike McQuay

Publisher: Bantam Books
Pages: 181
Release Date: July, 1981

Price: $2.50 (Paperback)

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