Escape From D&E, A Snake Plissken Adventure By Ethan "Airwolf" Shue

Plissken scratched at the side of his wrist and rested his head against the side of the metal bulkhead of the aircraft. How he had gotten himself in this situation burned in his head. He surrendered knowing full well that he should gunned his way out of it. He more than likely wouldn’t have made it out alive, but it sure would have been a whole lot better than working for the United States Police Force once again. At this point it didn’t really matter, but then again to him, what did?

Snake recalled the conversation he had before with the defense minister. He remembered shaking his head listening to the same drek, same song and dance routine he had heard time and time again just before being deported from the United States forever. Heh, like that would ever happen. Why anyone could forget that Plissken had proven his ability to break in and out of just about any place was the irony of the whole situation. Out of it all he figured he’d get a small vacation by having that shiny new pardon in his hands. He was probably the only mercenary out there who didn’t have a criminal record shorter than his own height.

The mission was simple, he was being flown out of the capitol of Lynchburg, Virginia to the neighboring state of West Virginia. He was to drop in undetected, into the small town of Elkins. There in the foothills of the town, he would find the newly formed and defended compound, created within the walls of a college. His instructions were to breach the compound and retrieve information that could destroy the New United Canadian States of America. As far as he could tell it would destroy the economy of the country and make all those credits he had stolen over the years useless.

As he had been told by the President, the country needed to find out what that information was, and make sure no one ever found out of it's existence. The country he could care less about, but those creds would have taken too long to replace after the last economic breakup. He didn't care what rules or regulations the country made or conduct they would only approve of. Chances were, he'd never play by their rules anyway. However, the thought of his well earned, stolen rewards becoming worthless before he could exchange them to a new currency somehow made a soft spot on him. He guessed it was better motivation than being injected with explosives or poisons again, at least.

It was funny how they found him. They were almost just waiting for him after his Escape From Washington D.C. The old capitol of the United States had become another penal colony after the shoreline flooding making it a separate island. When Lorton had finally closed, he guessed they had to put all the lawyers and Senators someplace. But no sooner had they surrounded him, he was on the next bus to Lynchburg realizing that once again, there was another deal and mission to be had.

The klaxon alarm began to sound as interior lights switched from the usually environmental friendly ultra-violet, to a night-vision friendly red. Realizing it was his time to go, Snake climbed into his one seated drop glider and strapped himself in. As the canopy slowly lowered, sealing itself in place, the bomb doors below him creaked and howled as they opened into the turbulent air scraping across the hull. "Damn," he thought to himself, "the dark clouds either mean it’s raining below, or it’s eternal night in this place."

"Plissken? Plissken are you ready?" a voice crackled over the headset he was wearing.

"I’m here." was Snake’s only response.

"Prepare for drop in 5… 4... 3… 2… 1… DROP!"

The clamp holding the glider released and the craft began to drop like a stone into the dark clouds below. Plissken watched his altimeter drop as he sighed to himself. Things like this had just only enough stimuli to keep him awake. After dropping to ten thousand feet, he pulled the lever beside him, deploying the wings folded at his sides. He could hear the grinding and popping of metal as the wings folded out and their bolts slid in securing them into place with the hull. As the glider emerged from the cloud cover, he grabbed a hold of the stick in front of him and began to gradually level off, slowing his descent.

To Be Continued Soon...