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John Carpenter

Adrienne Barbeau (

Season Hubley (Girl in Chock full o'Nuts)

Larry Franco (Producer/First Assistant Director)

Joe Alves
(Production Designer)

Todd C. Ramsay (Editor)

Jeffrey Chernov (Second Assistant Director)

Cloudia Rebar (Set Decorator)

Dick Warlock (Stunt Coordinator/Stunts/Stunt Double: Kurt Russell)

Eddie Surkin (Special Effects)

Geoffrey Ryan (Production Assistant)

R.J. Kizer (Project Supervisor: Special Visual Effects)

Eugene P. Rizzardi (Uncredited Model Builder)

John C. Wash (Graphic Displays/Uncredited Model Builder)

Mark Stetson (Uncredited Model Builder)

Frank Doubleday (Romero)

John Strobel (Cronenberg)

John Cothran Jr. (Gypsy #1)

Garrett Bergfeld (Gypsy #2)

Joel Bennett (Gypsy #4)

Tobar Mayo (Third Indian)

Dale E. House (Helicopter Pilot #1)

Tony Papenfuss (Theater Assistant)

Alan Shearman (Dancer)

John Contini (Uncredited Prisoners)

Ken Tipton (Uncredited Prisoners)

Jeff Sillifant (Uncredited Prisoners)

Richard Hescox (Pre-Production Artist)

Francis Delia
(Pre-Production Still Photographer)

Barry E. Jackson (Poster Artist)

Stan Watts (Poster Artist)

Kim Passey (Poster Artist)

Paul Chadwick (Poster Artist)

Renato Casaro (Italian Poster Artist)

Harold Johnson (Movie Tie-In Board Game Designer)

E.T. Steadman (Movie Tie-In Novel Artist) 

Escape From L.A.

John Carpenter

Stacy Keach (Malloy)

Georges Corraface (Cuervo Jones)

Leland Orser (Test Tube)

Robin Michel Bush (Costume Designer)

David Witz (Unit Production Manager)

Christian P. Della Penna (First Assistant Director)

Martin Jedlicka
(Second Assistant Director)

Jason Roberts (Second Second Assistant Director)

John Casino (Stunt Double: Kurt Russell)

Jerome Fauci (
Steadicam Operator)

Robert Zuckerman (Still Photographer)

Mauritz Pavoni (Production Assistant)

Fireball Tim (Concept Artist)

Gina DeDomenico Flanagan
(Costume Illustrator)

Patrick M. Sullivan Jr. (Set Designer)

Les Bernstien (Visual Effects Director Of Photography)

Paul Taglianetti (Video Image Supervisor)

Rick Lazzarini (Hang Glider Puppets Builder)

Larry Jolly (Helicopter Model Builder)

Peter Jason (Duty Sergeant)

Jordan Baker (Police Anchor)

William Luduena (Mescalito)

John Sencio (Uncredited Skinhead in Alley)

Michael Dawson (Uncredited Gang Member)

Nina Saxon (Title Designer)

Coleman Luck (Commissioned Script Writer/1987)

Peter Briggs (
Spec Script Writer/1994)

Escape TV Series (Cancelled)

Howard Chaykin (Co-Executive Producer)

Snake Plissken's Escape (Cancelled)

Mike Kennedy (Video Game Developer)

John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles

Tone Rodriguez (Artist) With Kim August


Kai-Oliver Derks & Alexander B├╝ttner (Webmasters: SnakePlissken.De/Media Consultants)

Hector De La Rosa (Snake Plissken/Director: The Escape Agenda)

Hector De La Rosa (Snake Plissken: Escape From New Jersey/Webmaster: Escape from New York's ultimate fan page)

Chris .R. Notarile (Director: Escape From Big Trouble in Little Jersey & Escape From New Jersey)

Gayle Bykowicz (Webmaster: Snake vs. Solid Snake)

Titania Le Fay (Webmaster: Call Me Snake/Fan Fiction Writer)