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What inspired you to become a filmmaker?
My love for storytelling.
Why did you start Blinky Productions?
That's like asking me why is the sky blue? The creation of Blinky Productions was just inevitable.
How's life being an independent filmmaker?  
It's a seat of your pants experience. Most of the time you are poor and starving but other times (which are few and far between) are awesome and fruitful.
What kind of challenges and advantages are there to shoot on a zero budget?
Advantages, less incompetent people I have to deal with. Disadvantages, can't afford to do EVERYTHING I envision and have to make more sacrifices.
You've worked on several genres and done homages to several famous movies and characters. You have even created some yourself. How would you describe yourself and your movies? 
I am Hollywood's best kept secret. They know I exist and should very well be following my example of loving your source material and remaining faithful, yet they never hire me. Anonymity is my curse.
Why so many homage's to John Carpenter movies?   
I will answer your question with a more important question. Why not?
You directed your first feature length movie Methodic in 2007 about a boy possessed by a demonic presence called The Dollman and now you're working on a second one called Daddy's Girl which is a thriller starring John Wesley Shipp. Can you tell us a little about Daddy's Girl and how John came aboard? Also, when is the movie going to be released? 
Daddy's Girl will be released once I get the money I need to make it. I was fortunate enough to procure John after meeting him at a convention and just being honest about how big a fan I was of him and how I wanted to work with him in the near future. He told me to send him my script and if he liked it he would attach himself. Turns out he did.
You seem to have many projects going on. What's next for you? 
Whatever gets funded will get made first.
Do you have any particular dream project you're holding out for?       
Of course. My Halloween remake which will never come to fruition thanks to Rob Zombie and the Weinsteins. A remake of Maniac Cop. A feature length Catwoman, Blue Beetle, Street Fighter and Final Fight movie. Those are my dream projects right now.
When did you see Escape From New York for the first time and why do you like it so much?
I saw it when around the time Escape From L.A. came out. I saw the trailers, wanted to know more about Snake since it was a sequel so I decided to do my homework. I didn't like the movie as much as I liked the personification of Snake through Kurt (Russell) (Snake Plissken). I love anti-heroes and how they perceive the law etcetera. And it was the fuck it all ending that made me like the movie as well as the sequel.
You also directed the fan movie movie Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey. Why did you want to return to the universe of Snake Plissken? What did you feel was missing?
Quality. Escape Big Trouble in New Jersey was riddled with poor quality. From the actors portraying Jack (Burton) and Snake right down to my incapability to produce something on par with my previous work. Granted it was 2005 and I hadn't done much prior but I easily surpassed myself shortly after. All in all it was a bad portfolio piece and wasn't what I originally intended it to be. So after five years, Hector and I crossed paths and it all worked out the way it was supposed to.
How has the experience been shooting it and how is Hector De La Rosa (Snake Plissken) to work with? Do you have the same vision or do you have any disagreements?
We started off with a pretty rocky relationship mainly because he didn't know what to expect. But after seeing the first two days of filming edited and exceeding his initial expectations he realized that I just need to do my thing. He's the actor and I'm the director. Knowing the inner workings of that type of relationship are crucial when filming anything. Because no matter how many times you see it in your head you the actor are not behind the camera. And if I say something looks crappy you can bet your ass it looks crappy. And it's my job as director to NOT shoot crap.
How many episodes will there be?
Two, three tops.
When will you shoot the next episode and can you give us a hint what to expect from it?
ASAP (As Soon As Possible). Hints. Snake's leg gets healed. Kim Santiago (Donna Kinski) has a new role. And we introduce two familiar Escape characters. Who are they you ask? Fine, I'll tell you. Carjack Malone and Texas Mike O'Shay.
Any plans for a DVD release of the series in the future? 
If you want a DVD go to my site and donate to get one.
What do you think of Escape From L.A.?
What do you like and dislike about it?
It was a fun movie.
What is your thoughts about the Escape From New York remake? As a filmmaker yourself what advice would you give to the makers of it?  
My thoughts on remaking Escape From New York? it's not really something you can remake without ruining what the original already was. My advice to the filmmakers since I know they're gonna do it anyway whether fans want it or not? DON'T FUCK UP!!!
What's your favorite Snake Plissken moment?
Escape From L.A. when he shuts down the world. Such a dick move yet totally appropriate given the state of the world at that moment.

How come you spell your name Chris .R. Notarile and not Chris R. Notarile. Any particular reason for this?
Yes, there is a reason. Because I can! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!
Is there anything else you'd like to say? Now's your opportunity.
Go to and be sure to watch my shit and buy my crap!

Thank you for your time, Chris.