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When did you see Escape From New York for the first time and why do you like it so much?

I must have been about 12 years old when I first saw EFNY. There are many things I liked about the movie. The main one is the plot, set in a apocalyptic future. This movie shows what could really happen to a country that is ravaged by disease and war, and also how the people may live in those conditions. The second of course are the characters. Snake Plissken stands out from the rest. With his calm Clint Eastwood attitude and the reputation to be the worlds most wanted man, Snake by far is the ultimate bad ass.

Why do you think so many females are such big fans of Snake? What is it about him that attracts and appeals to you? Also, in what ways has he inspired you personally?

Many females like Snake Plissken? Cool! So I'm not the only female lol. Well I think females like Snake cause of his looks, personality and body movements. Well for me, I like Snake's personality most of all. He keeps his calm when faced in a deadly situation. Yet he himself is dangerous. The idea of Snake fighting against a government that decides for the citizens of the United States also interests me. I have a rebel attitude like Snake. I lived in New York most of my life, and some laws there are a bit ridiculous. I've escaped New York like Snake also. I won't get into details but I lived a crappy lifestyle. A few days before I moved out of state I got a tattoo of Snake on my right calf. But there is a saying "If you can make it in new York you can make it anywhere."

On your MySpace page there's a photo of your Snake tattoo. Why did you want to get it?

Took me about three months to think about getting. Found the picture on one of the comic book issues. I was going though some tough times. My bro and I lived alone as kids for years, We got into drugs, both of us used to steal food and other things just to survive. Amazingly I was working and going to school as well. Snake Plissken is an escape artist, he can get outta anything. So in my mind I thought if he can get out of a bad situation, I can do the same. After a few weeks of getting the tat, My bro and I moved out of New York state. Escaped from it basically lol.

You have a unique website called: Snake Plissken VS. Solid Snake. What I like about it is that you've mostly done everything yourself including: Fan Fiction, Drawings, Comics, Computer Fan Movies etc. What made you want to do all this?

Well in the past people kept telling me "Hey Gayle! You ever thought about making a comic?" I said yeah! But I donno what it should be about? Lol. Then I thought well hell, I'm a big fan of the Snake characters why not make one about them beating the shit out of each other hahaha! I made the first comic for my own fun. I didn't plan on making the website till later.

What is it about Solid Snake that also appeals to you? What similarities and differences are there between Snake and Solid Snake?

I don't like to say Solid Snake is like Snake Plissken. Both characters come from different worlds. Solid is a spy hired to work for the government, and Plissken is a rebel fighting against the government. Yet their personalities are somewhat the same. Same gravely voice, and smoking habits too.

In your first comic you let Snake win. In your second comic you let Solid Snake win. In real life, who do you think would win and why?

LOL (Laughing Out Loud) well… if a real life fight between both Solid and Plissken happened in front of me, I would cheer for Snake Plissken. He's the original Snake.

What do enjoy doing most and why: Write fan fiction, draw, make comics or computer fan movies? Also, when did you discover your passion and talent for drawing?

What I enjoy the most is when people see my artwork and they get a kick out of it. I like to do many things. Drawing, building monster costumes, comics. Yet I can't dance, sing, act, or play an instrument. Although I can play the kazoo hahaha! When I was about five that's when I started making things. As a kid I'd create monster figures out of trash bag twist ties and aluminum foil for my brother and I to play with. We had more fun playing with them things then we did our other toys LOL.

Beside drawing Snake and Solid Snake, what else do you enjoy drawing?

I enjoy drawing dragons. They are the ultimate mythical beast.

You based your comic "The Beginning of Escape From New York" on Mike McQuay's EFNY Novel. What did you feel was missing from it?

"The beginning of EFNY comic" I did years ago, I kind of wished that I was more patient making it. The coloring is to muddy to me. Back then I didn't have enough knowledge on how to use my computer program called "Paint Shop Pro 7" to fill in the colors.

What do you think about Escape From L.A.? What do you like and dislike about it?

Well EFLA was a remake of EFNY. Snake in the movie stayed the same which was good. I can't think of anything more to say about the film hahaha!

What's your thoughts about remaking EFNY? Who would you like to see play Snake and is there any particular director you'd like to see make it?

If they ever did a remake of EFNY I feel that Hector De La Rosa should fill Snake Plissken's boots. The guy is amazing in the Escape From New Jersey films done by Blinky Productions. The director for the film I would prolly say maybe Quentin Tarantino. (Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill)

What advice would you give to the makers of the EFNY remake?


If you could write or direct a Snake movie, what kind of story and material would you incorporate?

If I could make a Snake movie I would call up my Snake buddies. I can't write a plot to save my life LOL.

Are you frustrated over all the cancelled Snake projects in the past. Was there something particular you looked forward to or are you happy something didn't get made?

I was disappointed about the cancellation of the Snake Plissken video game. It would have been cool to play as him.

What else do you do in life?

Right now I'm attending college to become a costume designer. I build monster costumes at home just for fun.

Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future?

I always think ahead just in case I need a parachute to save my ass. The future is how we make it.

What's your favorite Snake moment?

My favorite snake moment? Hmmm? The final scene in EFNY when they neutralize the bombs in Snake Plissken's neck. The expression on Snake's face when he looks at his watch is priceless.

Is there anything else you'd like to say? Now's your opportunity.

Thank you for your time, Gayle.