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How did you end up being a Production Assistant and Location Manager?

I started off house painting. I landed my first job in film after painting the house of a high school teacher I really respected. He recommended me to an Industrial-films/Army, Navy, Marines films producer. I agreed to paint his house for $80.00 per week if he'd teach me film… and he did. Then, later, because I had family in the business, I got a bit of a kick start into dramatic films. It was a great help that I had sumkinda background from the first film jobs. That's how I got into film. As to the specific jobs, that's a long, boring story…

How did you get the assignment to be a Production Assistant for Escape From New York?

I was friends with Jeffrey Chernov, the 2nd Assistant Director but it was Larry Franco, the 1st AD/Producer that gave me the shot. I will always be grateful to those two.

What exactly did you do as a Production Assistant on the movie?

Everything. Prepared the initial call sheets and production reports, called actors to & from the set, set background action. Even doubled for Kurt on one night of 2nd unit filming.

How was the experience working on the movie?

It was tough but I loved it.

What's your favorite memory or memories of working on the movie?

Those are not memories for public consumption.

What do you think of the movie

Always loved it.

What are you currently doing and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Right now, working on re-shoots of the Nicholas Sparks movie The Choice. I play guitar and have written some songs.

Thank you for your time, Geoffrey.

Photo By Kim Gottlieb-Walker/Provided By Geoffrey Ryan