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How did you end up being an actress?

I was a ballet dancer since three years of age. Socially I was very shy. Dancer don't talk. We move. After high school my mother sent me to an acting summer session at the Pasadena Playhouse being taught by the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. A teacher there said I had talent as an actor. I was fairly without direction after high school. I got into college but didn't go. My parents were divorcing and I was not top focus at the time. I found myself in New York with my mother. I remembered what the AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) had said and I sought out the school in New York two years later. They said I had no talent and was too shy. I ended up in general studies at Marymount Manhattan College. While there a great teacher, Bill Bordeaux saw my talent and recommended I transfer. I went to Smith College. Turns out I was smart. Who knew? There I really found teachers who pushed me through my shyness. I won URTA (University/Resident Theatre Association) competitions, was an Irene Ryan contender at The American College Theatre Festival and finally earned a full scholarship to Rutgers University/Mason Gross School of the Arts where I had the privilege of earning my MFA (Master of Fine Arts) with William Esper. Our final year we did a showcase in New York and I signed with the J. Michael Bloom agency and went to work.

How did you get cast as Police Anchor in Escape From L.A.?

Originally the role was written for a man. I am tall. My agent at the time was clever. He talked casting into taking a look at a strong woman. John Carpenter (Director/Co-Writer/Co-Composer) loved my work and while on set kept writing more and more and more. I would learn it quick and we filmed.

How did you prepare for the role
and how was the experience filming your scene?

The role is very close to who I am so the most prep I needed was delivering the news quickly and adding to the building urgency of the scene it underlays. Much of that was designed by Carpenter.

How was the experience working with the cast and crew and what went on behind the scenes?

The night I shot there were hundreds of extras, military helicopters, tanks etcetera. I didn't work with another actor. I was the only principle actor with lines for the night. We shot at the Reclamation Center in the San Fernando Valley at 3 AM. It was daunting! So much action. The lighting was so dramatic and all the trucks and aircraft when "action" was called. Very exciting.

What's your favorite memory or memories of working on the movie?

Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken/Producer/Co-Writer) showed up on the set, said hello in the make-up trailer and stood with Carpenter watching all the action when he would cue me up. I  have always been a fan of both men. They were incredibly generous. True gentlemen.

What do you think of the movie personally?

It's fun. It's escapist. There are days I look at the world and think it's possible.

What are you currently doing and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I just finished American Secretary (premiere), The Americans (premiere, season 3), The Good Wife (final season) and two features. 5 Flights Up (Diane Keaton & Morgan Freeman) and 5 Doctors (what's with the number 5!), a wonderful comedy that has not released yet. I was on stage in Rebecca Gilman's new play Luna Gale at the Goodman in Chicago and the Kirk Douglas in Los Angeles. (We just won two Drama Critic Circle Awards for the Los Angeles production). I am now on The Morning Show with Steve & Jordan WRCR 1700AM 6-10 AM EST Monday-Friday. If you want to listen. Get the APP WRCR or if you live in the tri-state area you can listen on 1700AM. We do weather, traffic, local news and live unscripted talk! I love it! Funny that someone so shy and incapable of talk would grow up to be a talk radio host. Don't let anyone box you in! I also teach Business of the Arts at Montclair State University in New Jersey. I have a private business where I work with all kinds of artists in developing their business. I talk several times a month about Arbonne (doing away with the toxic burden in our personal care and nutritional supplements) (another choice). I do a lot of different things that have impact in a little amount of time! But it is all the same message. Acting, teaching, talking Arbonne. "I give people more choice."

Thank you for your time, Jordan.

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