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How did you end up being an actor?

I think I've always wanted to be an actor, ever since I was cast as Old King Cole in my kindergarten pageant. Growing up in a theatrical family, I took great pleasure in re-enacting scenes from movies that I had recently seen, playing all the parts with my pals.

How did you get cast as Malloy in Escape From L.A.?

I had worked with John Carpenter on a short film, Hair, part of a trilogy of short horror films (Body Bags). We had a great time together.

How did you prepare for the role and what kind of discussions with John Carpenter did you have about it. How was it to step into Lee Van Cleef's shoes so to speak?

Naturally, before I stepped into Malloy's shoes I wanted to peruse Escape From New York and glean whatever clues I could gather from the nature of Van Cleef-Kurt Russell relationship. Ultimately, my objective was to make Malloy a unique individual, totally avoiding any semblance of the Van Cleef character. However, I did have a oblique connection to Van Cleef in that I lived in the same house he had lived in during a movie shot in Spain in my early career, Doc.

Which scenes have you the most fond memories of and which were the most fun, interesting or problematic to film? How come that you brought a cactus to the set for instance?

My favorite scene was with Kurt Russell in the first part of the film when Snake disappears behind a manhole cover.

I wanted to have something alive in the bunker, that wouldn't require a lot of water, given the fact that life on earth, and specifically in LA, was in danger of extinction.

How was the experience working with the cast and crew such as John Carpenter, Kurt Russell, Cliff Robertson, Michelle Forbes etc and what went on behind the scenes?

I loved working with the entire cast, and it's always a pleasure to work with a master like John Carpenter. It was a genuine honor to work with Cliff Robertson, an actor I had long admired.

What's your favorite memory or memories of working on the movie?

My favorite memory of the movie was the helicopter landing scene. I was having trouble with my knee as I was directed to move quickly through the open spaces. One of the crew saw this, approached me and gave me the name of a knee surgeon, whom I later hired to give me new knee.

What do you think of the movie personally?

Personally, I love the film, but then, I'm prejudiced!

What are you currently doing and what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I'm currently playing Matt LeBlanc's dad on the CBS sitcom, Man with a Plan, Scott Bakula's dad on NCIS: New Orleans, the Archbishop of New York with Tom Selleck's Blue Bloods, and am the voice of CNBC's American Greed. I recently starred as Ernest Hemingway in Jim McGrath's Pamplona, directed by Robert Falls at Chicago's Goodman Theater. We are in the process of planning future productions in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., New York, and London.

Thank you for your time, Stacy.

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