Kurt Is Back In Snake's Original Threads (Calgary Herald/Aug 09/1996/CA)
By Kirstie McLellan

Escape From L.A. producers wanted Kurt Russell to begin the sequel to Escape From New York in the original costume, which he helped to design.

So he dug back into his closet and found it. He was surprised that after 15 years he could still squeeze into it. He says it fit even better six months later after many hours in the gym.

In the movie, reviewed on Page F3, the future Los Angeles is in ruins after an earthquake. Kurt thinks some of the devastation the filmmakers imagined might actually come true one day.

"I think the political correctness of time speaks for itself. For instance, if we had written a sequence where the Olympics had taken place, and we'd had paper doves because real doves might fly into the fire, people would have laughed at that. I don't know if you can go far enough. Years ago, I don't think we ever would have considered that it might not be possible to smoke in your own home."

John Carpenter directed the original and is back helming the sequel. He says he's very worried about the future of mankind. "I'm concerned. I remain optimistic but I'll tell you when we run out of clean drinking water... you ain't seen nothin' yet. We're going to make war like you've never seen before. And they tell us that's around the corner, so it doesn't sound very good.""