Kurt Russell Talks 'Escape' Remake (Horror-Movies/Apr 02/2007) By Meh

Kurt Russell in an interview with MoviesOnline clarified on an earlier interview with EW where he went on a rant about the new Escape remake. Basically he says he was screwing around and the press had a field day with it. Which makes sense to me since I idolize the guy and will believe any excuse he gives me for what the truth is. Quote:

"I was just kidding around. I think that a long time ago John and I had a lot of fun making the movie. It was a John Carpenter creation the Snake Plissken character and how it plays - my creation. Our movie will always be there. They've done a television series off of Stargate. They did a television series off of Backdraft. They're going to redo The Thing. Remake Escape From New York. They did some Disney movies that I did. (Laughs) Listen, I had a long career and I'm only happy to have had it. Good luck to everybody and see if you can keep up. Cool. My personal statement was, 'Wait until Stuntman Mike hears about this.' He might want to rethink that. (Laughs) Like anybody else, I'm concerned about Grindhouse. I want people to have fun at this night which I think is a tremendous invention of the two fellows - Tarantino and Rodriguez. I think it's going to be a hoot of a night and I was really happy to have a part in that."

So yes kids, he was just messing around, and no he wasn't really all pissed off and no his panties are not in a bunch. He is still the man... and as much as Gerard may replace him in a remake Gerard is no Kurt