New Glick Takes Polish Off Big Apple (New York Daily News/Jun 05/1981/US) By Don Singleton

The Association for a Better New York and other Big Apple boosters are sure to hate John Carpenter's new movie, Escape From New York. Here's the plot: It is the year 1997. Manhattan has become a walled prison for more than 3 million convicted criminals who have lost, but survived, a war with the United States Police Force. All bridges are mined and walled, and the Hudson, East and Harlem rivers are all charges with lethal levels of electricity. The World Trade Center has been turned into a graffiti-smeared slum. The Statue of Liberty is a guard tower. How's that for an image booster? Anyway, in the movie, Isaac Hayes is "The Duke of New York," the baddest guy in town, and Kurt Russell plays Snake Plisskin, a bad-guy-turned-hero. In the movie, Isaac drives around in a real baaad-mobile, a Caddy all decked out with crystal chandeliers and mirror balls. The car's being shipped here, and Isaac will drive it to a big screening Wednesday night, followed by a supper party at, of all places, New York, New York.