You Can't Escape The 'Escape From New York' Remake (UGO/Apr 09/2010) By Christopher Monfette

I lived in New York for eight years, and with all the subway-madness and crowded city streets, there are certainly moments where you say to yourself, "This is a city from which I'd absolutely love to escape." Fortunately, Amtrak's Acela service is very reliable and with two major airports only a short cab ride away, fleeing New York for a long weekend is a fairly easy option. Less so when the city has been designated a post-apocalyptic prison zone and you're trapped there in the middle of a citywide riot.

Such are the life and times of Snake Plisskin, perhaps the baddest motherf*@ker to ever wear an eye-patch... next to Sam Jackson's Nick Fury, of course. And Collider's massive interview with producer Neil Moritz offers an update on the status of the much-discussed Escape From New York remake.

"We have a script. We're out to directors right now," Moritz informs Collider. "We've had quite a few meetings with directors and there's a couple of actors that are really interested in playing Snake and we'll see what happens."

He even confirms that Gerard Butler, long rumored for the role, is still interested in picking up where Jack Burton once left off...

"Gerard was really interested in playing it. He hasn't read the new script yet, so we'll probably have a conversation with him once we get a director on board."

Curious to see if this one ever gets off the ground, but in today's age of remakes and re-imaginings, we suspect that it's a good bet.